Now that’s my girl!

Career or cakes? Friends or dates? What typifies your personality?
Below, we have drawn five character sketches of women you would have come across or been one yourself at some point in your life. We don’t claim to understand or cover all of them coz as Oscar Wilde puts it ‘Women are meant to be loved and not to be understood’

The Drama Queen

If you have ever stirred up a row with your colleague or even your co-passenger in the metro for no reason, you’d know we are talking about you! The drama queens are on top of their Facebook & twitter conversations and like it if you can hold your ground with them.

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The Tomboy


She can separate the third slip from the gully as smoothly as she can pick out a cheesy pick up line from the rocky one-liners. Efforts to bond with female friends tire her so you’d rather find her in a downtown pub hanging around with the guys.

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The Gal’s Girl

The Gal's Girl

Love catching up with your girl friends over brunches, gobbled up Jane Austen paperbacks in school, got a pink laptop case and a gang of your own to do stuff that guys would like to do! And no, girlie is not the word.

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Career Calling


These go-getter gals have intrigued guys since ages with their single minded focus towards their career. Unapologetically ambitious, they make no bones about what they want from their lives.

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The Domestic Goddess


From observing fasts for their boyfriends in schools to doing up their hostel rooms, they are the epitome of ‘tender loving care’.  You can smell your way to their homes if you are lucky to get an invitation to their kitchens!

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  1. Aditi says:

    Nice post.. I seem to be a cross between Tomboy n girl’s girl!

    Liked by 1 person

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