Home Alone on Holi? Not to Worry!

5 Simple Ideas for A Memorable Holi

Getting drenched in the tank loads of water, pulling your shy neighbour into the colourful madness, reeling high on bhang laced thandais & pakoras, dancing to the beats of dhol & Bollywood classics, gorging on unlimited supply of gujiyas, mathris, malpuas, puranpolis & dahi badas, the mere mention of the word Holi pulls you back into a world of these technicolour sights, sounds & smells no matter where you are!

But these psychedelic memories begin to get fuzzy the moment you realise that this year you would be home alone on Holi.        

Whether your company didn’t declare it to be a holiday, the airfares mocked at your pay check or the universe just conspired to save your friends from your home-grown shayaris, no matter what has pushed you into celebrating Holi alone, we will make sure you have a Holi to remember and not just a day spent hitting the Like button on a deluge of greasy pics on Facebook.

Colour Thy Neighbour

holi-neighbour-2                                     Image Courtesy:www.mellownspicy.com

What better time & reason to know your neighbor than a traditional Indian festival. Gift wrap a box of sweets, put on your ethnic best and ring the bell!

All in the spirit of Holi

PrankHoli@India                                              Image Courtesy:stowawaymag.com

Pull up a fancy prank on your unsuspecting colleague/roomie/partner. Plan well in advance & don’t forget to end it on a sweet note!

Unofficial Holi Party

holi-party-2016-delhi-800x400                                                      Image Courtesy:hangouts.co.in

So what if you are not in your hometown in your favorite mud pool! Talk to your HR and organise a Holi party in the cafeteria at snack time. You will definitely earn some brownie points!

Traditional Lunch/Dinner Buffets

buffet-315691_960_720                                                    Image Courtesy: pixabay.com 

Treat yourself to an ‘All you can eat’ traditional Indian thalis on this special day. What more? You also get fantastic discounts on these on Little App.
Tip – Make sure you skip a meal before!

Get into the pool!

holi-raindance                                   Image Courtesy: travel.nationalgeographic.com

Check out Little App for some of the coolest Holi pool parties in your city. Revel in the colours, rain dance, DJ, great food & drinks


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