5 Cool Haircuts for a Fresh Summer Look

Sweltering heat making you pull your hair? Search for that elusive haircut mostly ending up in a dark alley? Well, here’s a fresh breath of hair (oops! we meant air), for we have put together for you, five chic yet low maintenance haircuts that you should be trying out this summer!

Pixie with a punch


Life is too short to have a boring hair. Add some zing to the usual pixie cut with extended nape & side bangs for a classy, yet sassy look.

Bold Bobs

bold bob

Free up your neck & shoulders with a chin length bob which doesn’t rob you of an opportunity for that occasional tie up. And if you are in a mood for some fun, get them in layers!

Leave it to the Lobs


Opt for an effortless lob with jagged layers that gives your hair enough room to breathe, keeping them garden-fresh. Want more? Meddle a little with lengths on either side for a striking yet fun asymmetrical look.

Find your Shag


Invest in a good shag and you will never have a bad hair day! The best part? Every shag is unique depending on your hair type & length to the layers, ends & finish. So go ahead & swag!

Unorthodox MoHawk


Give in to the rebel in you with the long and messy version of the orthodox Mohawk style. Choose from colour accents, braids & weaves for a range of looks from bold & belligerent to feminine.

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Cheers to a new haircut & a new you!



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