Traveling often? We have debunked few myths for you!

Myth: The free upgrade is always worth taking!

Fact: Checking into suite for the price of a single room is always welcomed. However an upgrade in terms of car might not be a great idea. A SUV might cost more in terms of fuel and also time, compared to a hatch back or sedan! 011

Myth: All inclusive prices are a SCAM!

Fact: Not always, while booking a hotel/resort understanding clearly what is included in terms of service and taxes will always help avoid disappointment

Myth: One needn’t understand the city considering its a short stay!

Fact: Start with a local newspaper, its a great way to understand what’s happening around you. You might learn something, even if you can’t read but just looking at the pictures.

Myth: Gift cards are meant only to be gifted

Fact: If you’re planning regular visits to a city, get a gift card for yourself to a chain(s) of restaurant you like. You save time as you know the menu in advance & you potentially save money/hassle over searching local options


Myth: You get to see the world

Fact: While you might get to travel different cities across the world, most of us are likely to spend lot of time traveling in taxis, meetings & hotel rooms. You need to really plan his leisure time during business trips to make it a memorable one.

Myth: Carry as much as you can

Fact: Less is always more! Pack light in a carry-on bag, you can always avail the quick laundry service at the hotel03

Myth: Book early for best rates

Fact: These days best rates and options are available when you opt to book at the last minute. Lot of unsold inventory is available at best hotels for much cheaper price.


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