The sweetness sutra – traditional ‘mishti’ joints in Kolkata

Kolkata, the city synonymous with ‘mishti’, where every other nondescript bylane wakes up to the sweet scent of soft cottage cheese balls being dipped in sugar syrup is every dessert lover’s delight! But the thousands of sweet shops spread across the city can give even a seasoned sweet connoisseur a spin. So we thought of bringing to you the ‘must-go’ places from the city’s traditional yet popular sweet destinations!

Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick


One of the oldest sweet shops in Kolkata that has created a name for itself over ages! From chocolate mishti & mango doi to baked rasgullas, you’ll find a sweet for any & every occasion. It was also voted as the best ‘Mithai Shop’ in both 2009 & 2010 by the Times of India



With over five decades of passion, trust & originality, Mithai can rightly be called the labour of love of four brothers who started it all the way back in 1955. They take immense pride in their large selection of delicious sweets. The gur kachagolas here are to die for but so are their rosogullas, kalakand & mishti doi.

Nalin Chandra Das & Sons


Your search for Sandesh ends here! From strawberry to chocolate, they have found the balance between the modern & traditional. No wonder their Chocolate Jolbhara is a raging favourite amongst the Bengalis. Next on your list should be Dilkhus & Golap patti which are just as brilliant.

Chittaranjan Mishtan Bhandar


If you are craving for some piping hot rasgullas scooped directly from the kadhai, head straight to Chittaranjan. And once you have licked off the bowl clean try the other favourites – gulab jamun, chamcham & gulab pankhuri sandesh.

Bhim Chandra Naag


One of the legendary sweet shops in Kolkata with its own league of patrons. You will almost never find this place empty & on special occasions there is a guaranteed queue. Their jol bhora is really filling. And if you want to try something different there’s Butterscotch Sandesh. This place is a sugar coated blessing for those with a sweet tooth.

Suresh Mistanna Bhander, Dhakuria, Kolkata


Enter the world of ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ delicacies, ‘go-weak-on-your-knees’ flavours & ‘fall-in-love-again’ aromas where you search for the very last bit in the plate & rescue that sugar syrup rolling down your wrist! Suresh’s Sweet Shop, a small outlet in a forgettable lane of south Kolkata has retained its old world taste, quality & charm. Each of their jaggery based sweets is a masterpiece crafted by the traditional chefs.



Don’t let the bare look of the shop stop you from trying out some of the traditional Bengali sweets like kachha gola, komola bhog & dorbesh.

Dwarik Grandsons


A popular sweet shop with lots of sweets & other snacks items like Radhaballavi & alu dom. Make it your pit stop for a lip smacking breakfast and start your day on yummy note!

KC Das


When thousands of sweet shops scattered across Kolkata leave you with decision fatigue, there’s one brand you can always turn to – K.C. Das. Drop in for incredibly soft, spongy & delicious rosogullas & rasmalais at great prices. Besides sweets, they are also well known for peas kachori with chola dal.

Other popular sweet shops include Gangurams, Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur Chandra Nandy, Mouchak & Kamdhenu

So next time you are in the city of joy, you know where to go to delight your sweet tooth. And while you scan the shelves to choose your favorite sweet, don’t forget to get the best deals on sweets & desserts on Little App.

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