Think spa & you are transported to another world altogether…sparkling clear waters, heavenly aromas & tranquility. The word spa simply means mineral rich waters used for medicinal baths. In ancient times it was believed to have curative powers. Today the word spa conjures up an image of a luxurious place where an exotic array of massages, therapies & treatments are devised to enhance your physical, mental & spiritual well being.

So let us go spa hopping to discover the various kinds of spas/therapies & find the best one for you.

Ayurvedic Spa

Ayurveda has been known to each one of us as one of the oldest ways to heal. The myriad herbal preparations & rituals are specifically aimed to relax the mind, body & soul. Who wouldn’t have heard of Shirodhara, a great purifying therapy practised for over 5000 years. One can feel the calming effect of oil being poured over forehead almost instantly. This transcendental experience is perfect for creative souls who need to uplift flagging spirits.

ayurvadic.jpg                                               Image Courtesy:www.grtcindia.org

Detox Spa

Just perfect for those exposed to the harshness of the sun & pollution on a daily basis. Try out a range of wonderful detox & re-mineralizing body wraps, which use a variety of products such as algae, seaweed, mud, clay or gel that helps to flush the body of toxins by stimulating the circulation, drawing out impurities, & giving the body, the minerals it might be deprived of.

The health benefits of a detox spa can be further enhanced through a special diet & well being activities like yoga.

spa-body-treatments-inside (1)                                                        Image Courtesy: http://renewdayspanc.com

If the rat race has got the better of you & all you are craving for is a place where you can seclude yourself from the world & lose yourself in peace, book a de-stress spa on Little App to boost your flagging physical & mental energies.

Allow the experts to recommend the right aromatherapy based on your personality & envelop your senses with the blissful aromas of natural oils extracted from flowers, stems, roots etc. Just right for top corporate’s & politicos who need to constantly reinvent their strategies.

aromatherapy.jpg                                                      Image Courtesy:insightfulnutrition.com

Healing Spa

Hot stone therapy or lava shell massage?

Whatever you choose, the warmth of these exotic spas will leave every muscle & cell of your body relaxed. Feel your tensions melt away even as your blood circulation & metabolism increase. Ideal for sports injuries & other problems like insomnia or severe stress.

hot-stone-massage-hot-stone-facial-for-two-300-78-1421763421                                                               Image Courtesy:www.aplez.com


Perfect for the quintessential ‘super woman’ who makes our lives beautiful. Choose from a range of beauty & spa services like pearl facial & deep tissue massage.

Quick tip for men: Forget diamonds & shoes! This friendship day, gift your special someone a rejuvenating break from her hectic schedule. Make it special by taking a day off & visit a cosy salon together.

couple-tub-champagne-candle-horiz_mvjvga                                                                   Image Courtesy : www.sheknows.com

Destination Spa

Ahhhh! Or shall we say ‘spaah! Escape to a fabulous holiday destination with wellness experience on top of your itinerary.

Imagine getting transported a thousand years back to the ancient cleansing customs of Cairo & Alexandria. Starting with the warm room, allow the refreshing oils sprinkled in the steam to purge the toxins. Follow it up with a massage to loosen those stiff tendons before you retire in the cooling room to relax.

From Turkish Hammams & Russian Banyas to Finnish saunas, rejuvenation has had its pursuits around the world.

IT professionals! It’s time to set your sights, not on the computer screen, but on a whole new destination of health & well-being.

Spa+with+hammam+-+photo+Ciragan+Palace+Kempinski                                                           Image Courtesy:www.tasteoflifemag.com

The journey doesn’t end here. There are anti-ageing spas for the young at heart & the meta-physical spas that work on body’s subtle energies.

Spoilt for choices! Aren’t you?
Here’s a little tip: Get onto Little App, pick your spa & embark on a whole new odyssey of health, peace & happiness!


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