Fine Dining Etiquettes

Foodies cannot deny the appeal of fine dining when it comes to eating out. The capital city Delhi is the perfect place for a Fine Dine! From traditional to contemporary and continental, pick from any of the cuisines, there’s a whole lot of options!

Fine Dining Etiquettes

Here are some fine dining etiquettes that must be followed so that you get  a seamless joy of exclusively prepared food, best liquors, sweet music, eye-pleasing lights, shining glasses and spotless white linen

How to connect with waiters?

Waving hands like an impatient and in danger person will not form a good impression. Instead, look at the waiter and when the eye contact is established – raise your index finger.

When the waiter appears to attend to you – speak politely and do not stay glued to your mobile phone or menu.

How to Order Courses?

If you are out to dine with your guests – Always let them tell their choices first. It is obviously a graceful way of showing respect. Don’t clearly specify that you are looking for a specific price range while ordering. It can be read from the menu itself.

Also, order good wines or drinks and ask about the dishes which you are unaware of. It will prevent hassles for you and the restaurant afterwards. If you have specific instructions like – “no onion”, be clear while ordering.

Table Etiquettes

Make reservations prior to your arrival. You can register on Little App as it will let you avail higher dining discounts, excellent dining deals and best dining offers from the nearby places.

Table Etiquettes

If you have arrived early, do not act as an eager customer to get the table as everyone is waiting for it. Additionally, if you are there with your Guests/Family/Friend, it is better to know about their dislikes and likes in advance so that you can decide the dishes accordingly.

Eating Manners

While eating, place the napkin on your lap. Once you are done, place the napkin on the left side of your plate. If you are stepping out for some time to receive a call etc, keep the napkin on your chair. Place your glass carefully while dining so that you don’t break the grosser or ruin the clothes of your neighbour.

Always hold the knife in right hand in order to cut the food. It is a bad etiquette to leave fork or knife or their part out of the plate. Here is an image to help you out with knife and fork positions.

positions forks

Additionally, if you are looking out for some great deals too, read on as we list out some good ones for you.

Top Fine Dining Deals in Delhi

Here is a quick list to save your precious time so that you can directly find the best places for Fine Dining –

This Dining place is set in a beautiful garden with lanterns hanging from the trees. The stunningly green place has tables in curtained pavilions and wooden carts. By following the link, you can get whopping discounts ranging from 37% to 52% on the usual price. And yes, you aren’t daydreaming!

If you are looking for a perfect and luxurious place to dine out, Radisson Blue comes first in the list. The world-class dining outlets, the distinctive collection of food, and awesome taste will definitely tickle your taste buds. LittleApp will double up the excitement as you will be getting 39% off on their best dining offers.

This hotel can be given the certificate of excellence for the quality of food and service they are offering. You will easily get 31-33% discount on their offers if you are a LittleApp user.

The beautiful décor and friendly staff make Hyatt Place an amazing fine dining location. Do plan a fine dine at Hyatt! Make sure to use LittleApp to get astonishing discounts – from 40% to 50%. Surprised?

A jaw-dropping discount of 63-68% through LittleApp on tasty Italian food will be enough to make your day definitely.

If we are talking about Fine dining deals, how can VIVANTA BY TAJ be left behind? Starter, soup, and main course – all are awesome in quality and taste. If you are a normal customer, you need to pay Rs. 1400 per person. But with LittleApp, the charges are as low as 899. No chances to neglect it, right?

This 5-star hotel needs no introduction. The locale, view, food and staff – all are appreciable. You must visit this place as you can easily avail 36% to 47% on normal days and 32% discount on Sundays with LittleApp.

How to find best & Latest Dining Offers nearby your place?

If you are living in cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmadabad or Kolkata, finding dining discounts will be tough due to distances. In this case, you can use the Little app by registering with the site or app to get the best deals nearby! The app is available at the Google play store and Apple store for your convenience. Stay updated on the best deals around you!

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