Come independence day and a surge of patriotism drives us to discover all things Indian, be it places, clothes or food. Our land is an enthralling tapestry of colours, textures and tastes. With so many states and cultures, you can expect nothing less than an adventure that is India. So break free from the routine, boring and the expected. Get a mouthwatering taste of India you didn’t know existed through these unique dishes.


Heard of black rice? Amazed? Called magic rice, forbidden rice or purple rice, it is found in Manipur. Brimming with health benefits, you can have it with coconut milk.  Black when harvested and a beautiful purple when cooked, it is anything but forbidden for food lovers.

black_rice                                                   Image Courtesy: www.goodlifeeats.com


Believe it or not, the twist in this sweet delicacy is anything but sweet. It is the pungent garlic. Savored in Himachal Pradesh,  you will never feel the same about garlic. Incidentally, benami means unknown in hindi. But hey, what’s in a name.

14793-carrot-kheer                                                       Image Courtesy:www.ifood.tv


From Coorg Karnataka, this pork based gravy will tantalize your taste buds as it uses sesame oil instead of the regular vegetable oil. Perfect with steaming hot white rice.

pandi-curry                                               Image Courtesy: www.indiamarks.com


This baby shark curry from Goa is meat cooked in an array of delicious sauces. On top of every shack style restaurant menu, it is heavy on your wallet but worth it.

hqdefault                                                 Image Courtesy  : www.i.ytimg.com


Turmeric, the sunny coloured spice assumes many avatars in the guise of pickles and curries. But just before Makar Sankranti it gets a sweet twist as a delicious halwa. Beat that?

01                                            Image Courtesy: kfoods.com


And finally we have the fiery chutney from a tribe in Chhatisgarh. This is no ordinary chutney as it is made with – red ant & eggs. Unbelievable but true! Dried red ants are mixed with lots of spices for a sweet & sour flavour that can fire up your everyday meal.

ants_031115                                           Image Courtesy: jagran.com

Did we get the foodie in you drooling? Want to discover more such interesting dishes of India? Just click on the LITTLE APP and off you go on an exciting food trail.

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