The royal treat for Burger King Lovers

Does the mere mention of a whopper tantalize your taste buds? Well, then Burger King is the real deal for your next hangout plan. Over the last decade, many international fast food chains have entered the Indian market and Burger King is one such name foodies can recognize in no time. As of now, most of the popular Indian cities have the Miami-based fast food chain outlet, much to our delight :).

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Burger King

While there are ample choices around, a freshly prepared scrumptious crispy burger from the iconic Burger King can be a delight for people of all ages.  If at all you are worried about the price, then Little app offers some eye-popping kingly deals on the king-sized burgers across some of the popular cities in India. Let’s discover what Little app has to offer this time around:

Nestled in a perfect location, the Burger King Outlet will give you some amazing deals starting with 50% off on veg and non-veg burger combo meals, originally priced at Rs 210 and Rs 227 respectively.  Isn’t that fantastic? Add another 40-50 rupees to this and you get the famous grilled chicken burger with fries and Pepsi at just Rs 155 after a discount of 33%. And this is just the beginning. Grab your favourite deal now on whoppers and many other items in their menu.

Burger King Nearby
Burger King Deals

Located in one of the most happening spots in the heart of the country, Delhi, this Burger King Outlet has drawn the attention of young and adults alike. In fact, it’s one of the most crowded areas to hang out, be it any time of the day.  Get your best pals together and take a lion’s bite of the Burger King whopper at just Rs. 105 now! Get 50% off on veg and non-veg burger combo meals to have a stupendous time with your friends this weekend. For a group of people, you can grab 33% off on whopper burger and drink combo for 2. So, 2 LBKs, 2 drinks, 2 portions of fries for just Rs 389! They are irresistible and so are the deals.

Perfectly located at Lower Parel, Burger King Outlet can be a delight for the Mumbaikars of the region. For individuals who love to grab a bite during the evening rounds, Burger King shall prove to be an ideal solution for them. Let go off worries about the price when there are some exciting offers for those who like to binge in style. You can quickly grab the standard veg and non-veg combo meal at just Rs 105 now after a hefty 50% discount before you take up the next turn.  If you are with family or friends, then you can explore many other discounts on combo deals for more than one people.

While these are only a handful of cities, you can find the same exciting deals in the outlets spread across cities such as Chandigarh, Pune, Ghaziabad and more. So all those who can’t resist the crispy and crunchy Burger King Hamburgers, Little app has something special to offer with the not-to-be-missed deals on whoppers!

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