Little Pub Crawl – Bangalore

This week was a little different from the oridnary as people were struck not by the Monday blues but by the Tuesday blues. But hey, look on the bright side, the weekend is only 4 days away!

What better way to celebrate than with a beer? 2 beers? Well how about FOUR! That’s right, this Friday the 19th get set for a bladder burst and make a whole bunch of new friends as Little App brings to you “The Beer Trail”.


What it’s about?

In this pub crawl, you  get to visit 4 different Pubs from 7:00PM to 11:00PM at Indira Nagar and at each pub you get 1 mug of beer complimentary.

Which pubs?

The 4 participating pubs are as follows:

  1. Boutique Bar Restaurant: The best place to begin, the first mug will be chugged at Bangalore’s first boutique bar.
  2. Tippler- On the roof: As the name suggests, your 2nd mug and the location of this pub will take you higher. One of the few Russian themed pubs in the city.
  3. Doff Pub: An open air pub, relax without relaising how your 3rd mug went down.
  4. Three Dots and a Dash:Not high enough? Then this place along with your 4th and final mug will send you flying back in time.

How much?

The entry to all 4 pubs, including 4 mugs of beer will cost you only 449/- Rs (inclusive of all taxes).

Where to buy?

Tickets can be purchased exclusively on the Little App.

Download the app here:

More Details:’s-pub-crawl-indiranagar-bangalore–mc-o0161464

So what are you waiting for? Download the Little App today and kick start the weekend with the best beers, the best pubs & the best App!

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