3 Ways To Dine Fancy When Broke:

A big part of all our lives is undoubtedly food, in fact, for many people their lives revolve around food.  And all over social media, we regularly come across delicious and incredibly plated and photographed food photos at fancy places and can’t help but wonder, “How do they afford it?”

Little App is here to serve all the Aam Janta who want to dine in fancy places even when they’re broke – a true first world problem. Read on:

Tip #1: Finding happy hours:


While a lot of the five star hotels, restaurants and bars seem completely inaccessible without selling your organs, that isn’t entirely true. Many of them offer happy hours, where not only are the beverages discounted, but the food too!

Lucky for you guys, we at LittleApp have an exclusive section with 5 star hotel deals. The best part? Use the promo code STAR50 and get 50% cashback too! Click here.

You can thank us later!

Tip #2 Express/Business lunches:


This is possibly one of the best ways to sample various different foods for a fixed rate with a dynamic menu. Check out various deals for Food & Drink here.

Tip #3 Online contests:


Another good way to score free food and heavy discounts. Keep your eyes peeled and ears wide open. Truck loads of contests happen daily online, on radio etc. Tera number bhi ayega beta, zaruur ayega. Don’t forget to follow us online on Facebook, we have regular contests and you can win lots of fooooooood for freeeeeee!

Other Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Cheap/free food is very tempting, do control yourselves and don’t over crowd our already suffering healthcare system
  • If you really want free food, pretend to be a food blogger, many restaurants actually entertain them
  • We strongly recommend uploading the food photos (which you got for a discount) only after three or more days in order to lead people into believing that you have purchased it for the full price!
  • Download the LittleApp and get the best deals for food and drinks around you


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