Pizza Hut’s Playable DJ Pizza Box

Pizza Hut has always been known for churning out pizzas par excellence and they also have a tremendous brand presence in India. Bangalore being the place where it started all (in India) in 1996, Pizza Hut now has more than 15000 restuarants across the world with close to 400 of them in India alone.

Forward to 2016, the humble pizza box has now evolved, and how! We introduce you the worlds first “Playable DJ Pizza Box”. Yes, you heard that right! Your ever loving pizza box can now unfold and LO! It miraculosly turns into a fully functional turn table set! (a little messy one though!).

This box connects to your laptop or smarthphone via bluetooth and the turntables can even be used for scratching. It also has fully functional volume, pitch controls and a mixer too. How cool is that? So while you wolf down your favorite pizza, you can be the life of the party too!

India will have to wait a while for this miracle pizza box but the United Kingdom will be getting it in a couple of days.

Still under shock? Don’t believe us? Watch the video here:

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