Find Out Who Discovered Vada Pav And 5 Places To Eat It In Mumbai

The sixties were famous for the rise of the Beatles, the invasion of American pop culture and hey, take a wild guess, the birth of the humble wada pav, in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Synonymous with Mumbai street food, this lip smacking icon has fed millions , right from movie stars, top notch business men to even college students and the humble workers.

Who was the genius behind this simple yet filling comfort food?  As the story goes, in the sixties, a certain Ashok Vaidya sat outside Dadar station selling Batata Wadas and Poha to hungry Mumbaikars on the go, when the…wada hit his head and an idea was born. He started serving the wada between the Pav (bread), lacing it with garlic chutney then serving it to his  customers piping hot! And eureka! A great snack was born. Since then, the Wada Pav has seen a meteoric rise and is served at every nook & corner. Thousands of Wada Pav stalls dot the city but here we take a bite of the best that Mumbai has to offer:

  1. Ashok Wada Pav: Off Cadell road, Kirti College, Prabhadevi, it draws customers by the droves due its consistent yummy factor. Accompanied by sightings of Jackie Shroff, Sonu Nigam and even Madhuri Dixit you better not give this place a miss. They are open from 11:00AM till 9.30PM. You will have to wait here almost any time of the day you go and the wait is really worth, trust us!
  1. Aaram Wada Pav: At Capital cinema building,opposite CST station, South Mumbai, their wada pao topped with onions and green chillies will captivate you, the same way it did to Shri Balasaheb Thackeray and Rajiv Gandhi. Truly, there is no aaram for the stall as it is packed with Wada Pav fans all day long.
  1. Graduate Wada Pav: Just outside Byculla west station, South Mumbai, this one passes the taste test with a 10/10. Well teamed with garlic, chilli and tamarind chutneys, this authentic Wada Pav ups the dish by a few notches.
  1. Samrat: A very popular haunt in Nehru road, Vile Parle, here, you can enjoy the Wada Pav with a creative touch. A dash of coconut to the potato makes this a real samrat among snacks.
  1. Gajanan Wada Pav: Located at Sambhaji path, Vishnu nagar, Thane, this sizzling Wada Pav is served to you with a unique chutney which is a mix of besan and chilli, extremely smooth and truly divine.

Now that you are already drooling, drive away the Monday blues by popping some comforting quintessential Wada Pavs. Eat it like its hot!


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