6 Exotic Sweets To Try This Krishna Janmashtami And #5 Is A Must Try

Janmashtami or Gokulashtami is the day marking Lord Krishna’s birth anniversary. A well known and celebrated festival in India, this day is loved by all. Beginning from the Dahi Handi to the mouth watering sweets & dessert offers, Janmashtami is a day worth waiting for.

For those of you couldn’t take your  focus off the word “sweets” this is the one stop article for you to know all about the famous sweets prepared exclusively during this festival:

  1. Rava Laddu:

Prepared primarily from semolina, milk and coconut, no one can miss this tiny ball on joy with a shiny raisin on top.


  1. Aval Payasam:

Jaggery and rice flakes make this dish stand apart, this paysam is defintiely one of a kind. The Moong Dal version of this item is equally famous.


  1. Vella Seedai:

Made from raw rice and jaggery, these tiny brown spheres will take you on cloud 9. Bite into one and before you know  it, the bowl will be empty.


          4. Makhane Kheer:

Mix puffed lotus seeds, milk and voila! You have a masterpiece. Simple and loved by all, this dish can be found in most North Indian households for Janmashtami.


  1. Sweet Appam:

Deep fried pan cakes made from raw rice and jaggery. Simple and full of love. This is perhaps one of the most loved dishes for this festival.


6. Panjeeri:

The beauty of this dish is the hint of bitterness due to coriander, a famous north Indian speciality during Janmashtami.


Apart from the above Lord Krishna’s all time favorite dish would be Makkhan Misri (no prizes for guessing why!)

mishri-makhan (1)

Now that we have unleashed the pre diabetic monster in you, go out and grab these sweets. Don’t forget to share and spread the love and also log on to LittleApp for the best dessert deals. Wishing everyone a happy Krishna Janmashtami.

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  1. Harini Reddy says:

    Wonderful recipes. Especially Rava Ladoo is all time favorite to me. thank you so much for this wonderful post.


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