Get More From Your Hotels

Most business travelers hate their travel, and for the most part it is to do with their hotels! A survey by Carlson Wagonlit Travel suggests of 6000 business travelers reported, hotels were responsible for top four stress producers among others.Here are few De-stress tips to make your stay a pleasant one

Stop being a room number

Make sure you pick up the phone and talk to the front desk executive. Let them know your preferences like a quite room, one with a good view, etc. Also plan your stay with the same hotel if you have multiple visits which results in staff knowing you, there by paying more attention!


Yes, Tip works!

Most of the front line hotel staff make their living with this courteous gesture by the guests.  It is also a way of communicating that you expect to be looked after well. It can vary from 5 to 20 per cent of your bill.


Let them know how you feel

After a tiring journey, there are instances you are ahead of check-in time. A polite request to offer you a place for shower & rest always works. Also post checkout, always be generous with compliments & courteous with your complaints


Seek perks that aren’t listed

Hotels can always do a lot more than what they promise, like:

  1. Offer a smartphone charger if you have forgotten one.
  2. Pack early breakfast/ lunch options to assist your schedule
  3. Loan you swimming clothes
  4. Offer a free pick up/ drop to the airportBlog_LMH_23Aug2016_v01_05

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