Mumbai’s Finest Parsi Food Joints

The Parsis are a genial, sincere and friendly lot. They love life and they love their food. They are  fun loving but are serious about their cuisine. Truly, their happy outlook is reflected in their healthy yet hearty meals.

To understand a bit about their cuisine, let us go back in history. The Parsis originally migrated from Iran and settled down in India. The traditional Iranian meal is a confluence of Turkish, Kurdish and Azerbaijani cuisines. But the Parsis being adaptive and creative were quick to blend local ingredients and spices with their dishes. A touch of English accent was added to some of their dishes, especially their desserts, during the British rule. In the process, the cuisine metamorphised into a robust and wholesome spread while retaining that ancient Persian touch, which is what makes Parsi food one of the most desired cuisines.

Encompassing rice, lentils, meat, eggs, fish, vegetables, green herbs and local fruits like plums and pomegranates, laced gently with spices like saffron and cinnamon, a typical Parsi meal is curated.

So dikhras and dikhris, let us discover the best places that serve Parsi food around Mumbai:

  1. Brittania & Co.: No list on Parsi fare is complete without mention of this iconic name. In Ballard Estate, South Mumbai, this place overflows with office goers wanting an authentic Parsi meal. An institution by itself, you must try their famous Mutton Berry Pulao, Fish Patra, Sali Boti and round it off with their delectable Caramel Custard or Chocolate Mousse. And for good company, wash it down with a Rosy Raspberry or Spicy Ginger.
Berry Pulao
  1. Kyani & Co.: Born in 1904, this one is a legend. Soak In the old worldly charm of ebony chairs and square tables, with checkered red and white covers as you dig into scrumptious Bun Maska, Akuri and Kheema Pav, among other dishes. Located opposite Metro cinema, come here to fill your stomach without emptying your wallet.
Kheema Pav
  1. Jimmy Boy: A charming place near Horniman circle, South Mumbai, you will thoroughly enjoy their multi-course meal, laden with items like Lagan Nu Bhonu, Dhansak, Parsi Pulao, Patra Ni Macchi etc. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Patra Ni Macchi
  1. Café Military: Located at Ali Chambers, GPO, this quaint little café captivates you with it’s ambience that reminds you of a bygone era, Café Military takes you back eighty years in time. Opened in 1935, today, it is popular with top professionals in and around the area. The Chicken Dhansak and Kheema Pao deserve a huge salute.
Chicken Dhansak
  1. Ratan Tata Institute: Popularly known as RTI, nestling in the leafy compound of Breach Candy’s Parsi General Hospital, this place serves old favorites like Dhansak, Mutton Pulao, Dal and yummy snacks like Bhakra, Chicken Pattice and Crunchy Saria or Sago Wafers. This is one place you can never say TATA to.
Parsi Bhakra Biscuits

Other favourites  include Paradise at Colaba , Ideal corner at Fort and By the Way at Gamdevi. So with the above info, you’re all set for a complete Parsi dining experience. Do check out the LittleApp for any offers before you head there.

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