8 Ways A Dosa Can Accurately Determine Your Personality


No thanks, I don’t want Dosa…….. said no human ever! DOSA, a four letter word which confirms the fact that love at first sight does exist! A humble rice batter that can transform into an Idli, Dosa, Uthappa etc. is nothing short of a miracle. No wonder, the Masala Dosa has been listed among the 10 dishes to eat before you die. Did you know that the way you attack (read: lovingly eat) your Dosa tells a lot about your personality? Read on to find out more:

  1. End to End Combat:

You start from both ends and enjoy the masala later, this means that you love keeping the best for last and that you are a true lover and of course a very patient person.


  1. Using Weapons To Take Down Your Dosa:

A rare sight, but it’s best to keep away from those who use a fork and knife to eat Dosa. This not only shows complete disrespect to the Dosa but also to others (especially those who don’t know how to use a fork & knife) eating it around you. This style shows that you are a sophisticated and eccentric person.


  1. Center attack:

If you directly start eating your Dosa by puncturing it from the center, it means that you have slight ego issues and mostly think about yourself first before others. You are more of an introvert.


  1. Upside Down Attack:

Turning your Dosa upside down with the masala in your face can infer that you prefer a new world order and you are only happy with things once you have set them in a order that you deem to be perfect.

Open Masala Dosa 24

  1. Holistic Approach:

These people can be addressed as true perfectionists, they polish the Dosa clean and even empty the Sambar and Chutney bowls, not to mention the plate. Aamir Khan would eat a Dosa like this.


  1. Making Every Bite Count:

These people make the masala last for the entire length and breadth of the Dosa. They believe in living life to the fullest and never missing an opportunity to have fun!


  1. Gluttonous Approach:

These rascals wolf down their Dosa first and then greedily stare at their friends Dosa. These are the kind of greedy people to stay away from; you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Or? Be a Good Samaritan and just give them a piece, better yet, buy another Dosa and split it!


  1. Silent Killers:

Dosas have arrived and an eerie silence fills the air as either person waits for another to start. This shows that you lack self confidence and you believe more in conforming to societal norms. You need to break out of this shell and gorge on your Dosa right now!

Aug_Dosa 03

So we are sure that you have placed yourself in one of the 8 categories from the above but we at Little do not judge anyone. We love you just as much as you love your Dosa. So get off your chairs and go grab a Masala Dosa now, long live Dosa and May the masala be with you!

P.S: The above inferences are not psychologically related at all but they just psychologically fool you into believing they do, don’t let anything get in between you and your Dosa and more importantly don’t get caught staring at somebody like a clown while they eat their Dosa, weirdo!

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  1. rajnish8 says:

    Its best .i love dosa…
    Like a sTory .


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