5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Paradise Biryani And #3 Is A Real Shocker!


Biryani! Just the word is enough to make people salivate and travel miles to get the best of it. One brand has been synonymous to the best Biryani, most of you have guessed it right… Paradise it is. They have been winning hearts since 1953 and people swear by the goodness of the Biryani available here. Here are some facts we bet you didn’t know about the Biryani that’s been winning hearts for more than 60 years:

  1. Wide fan following:

Paradise has some serious fan following with businessmen, personalities and even actors. Popular clientiele include Sachin Tendulkar, Sania Mirza and Aamir Khan who flock to them regularly for a bite.

Aamir Khan enjoying Paradise Biryani
  1. Paradise is named after a theatre:

The Restaurant had its origins as a small canteen and café that served as an annex to the then popular Paradise movie theatre in Secunderabad. Years later, the theatre shut down in 1987 but Paradise still held its ground firm.

The original Paradise circa 1953


  1. Paradise didn’t sell Biryani initially:

That’s right, when they first started off in 1953, they sold Coffee & Snacks. They were known for their famous Irani Chai. Biryani was nowhere near this place.

Irani Chai @ Paradise
  1. Massive quantity:

Generally a portion of Biryani is about 450-500 grams but the Biryani at Paradise is always 800+ grams. No wonder you always get full every time


The massive Biryani @ Paradise
  1. Expansion abroad:

The company has confirmed news that they will be starting outlets in Singapore, Dubai & Canada too. They also have 5 branches in Bengaluru and even in Vizag and Chennai.

Mr. Ali Hemmati, Founder of Paradise

Now that you are already restless, head to a Paradise near you and relish this legendary Biryani. Click here for the best Paradise offers.

P.S: They have an awesome Kebab festival going on till 30th September, 2016. Don’t miss it!

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