Tips For A Better Vacation

Vacations are a great stress buster that not only let you unwind but also help you focus better and make you more productive. Lately people have been opting to go on a Staycation. A Staycation is nothing but a cheaper and quicker alternative.  Not only do you save some money, but going on a Staycation requires little to no major planning. Taking regular vacations might be a luxury some of us cannot afford. That is where a Staycation comes to play. Not only does it leave us feeling happier but it also cuts out all the stress that comes along with planning a structured holiday.
In order to fully enjoy your vacation below are a few simple tips on how and what to pack for your mini-getaway!

Opt for a Carry-on or Backpack


This is one of the cardinal rules to follow while packing for a staycation.  A method preferred usually by business travelers, can be a great trick to adapt by families as well. It helps you steer clear of the long lines at the airport or station and keeps it simple. Keep in mind that this is a quick getaway which means less is more.

Packing Cells


These come in handy when you don’t want to waste your time and energy looking for something and end up emptying your entire bag instead. Packing cells or cubes are essential travel organizers that let you keep your clothes and other essentials separated. Also remember that minimal is the key to enjoying a stress free holiday. You don’t need to pack five denims or four pairs of shoes for a two day getaway.

Try to leave your toiletries at home


Any hotel you choose to stay at, whether in a city or suburb will provide you with the necessary bath essentials. There is no need to carry around your entire bath kit while on a Staycation. Plus, you can always pick up any essentials that you might need at a corner store.

Do you really need your phone, laptop and tablet?


Lastly but most importantly, the whole point of a vacation is to de-stress and have some time to yourself away from work and other daily responsibilities. This is the time for you to unwind, breathe and just relax. Try to leave your work at home instead of carrying it along with you. That way you will be more prone to exploring your surroundings and meeting new people or possibly learning new things. Alas, like somebody once said, “We are only as rich as our memories”.

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