Book-Tails: The Essential Guide To Pairing Books And Cocktails!


Books have always been unanimously paired with coffee, but, books have feelings too and they too want to get paired with cooler things (read: alcohol). Here is the definitive guide of pairing book/genres with cocktails. Below are a list of easy DIY cocktails for the soul. Grab a drink and read on:


Imagine reading ‘P.S I Love You’ with a perfectly mixed Screwdriver or Cosmopolitan! Quite mushy, isn’t it? Nothing beats romance paired with a smooth juice based cocktail. A coconut base would only add a little extra to the passion!



The first name that comes to mind is inevitably the Sherlock Holmes and what better a choice to pair it with than the good old Single Malt on the rocks or a classic Whiskey Sour!



For those of y’all who love the plain old Archie or Tinkle, the best solution would be something light. Go for a Watermelon Caprioska or a Orange/Lemon Moijto to tickle your taste buds too!



Feeling naughty? In the mood for some Mills & Boons or Chicken Soup? The obvious choice to keep your spirits high would be a charming Long Island Iced Tea or a Bull Frog so that the mood remains high. Ladies! Stick to Red Wine, or better yet? A Sangria – unputdownable!


Tragedy & Drama:

‘To be, or not to be: that is the question’.
Reading a Shakespeare, Hosseini or Salinger? The perfect fix in this case is definitely a Daiquiri. Add some flavours like strawberry to spruce things up!



Can’t get enough of James Bond? Then why not drink like him? Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred is the best answer although Margeritas can get the job done too!


Now that we have increased the cool quotient for you and your books, spend the Sunday relaxing with your favourite poison! Don’f forget to share your book-tails with us in the comments section below!

P.S: Advise for the wise, don’t let the alcohol consumption take over the reading, try and resist being carried away! 😉



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