13 Innovative Modaks To Try Out This Ganesha Chaturthi.


Ganpati Bappa Morya! This chant will ring a bell in your heart for sure as you can’t ignore our loving friend Ganesha. As we all pay respect to this festival of Chaturthi, we are all secretly asking one important question. Where’s the Modak? One of the most loved sweets this season, here are some interesting types of Modaks you shouldn’t miss out this Ganeshotsav:

  1. Dry Fruit Modak:

Dates, raisins, nuts and lots of love make this dish up.

Image Source: Chef And Her Kitchen
  1. Coconut & Gulkand Modak:

Made up from freshly grated coconut, condensed milk and Rose with Gulkand, this derivative is delicately yummy!

2.bake delicacies.om
Image Source: http://www.BakeDelicacies.com
  1. Besan Modak:

These yellow little monsters will take your heart away, just have a look at em!

Image Source: Archana’s Kitchen
  1. Kanakeche Modak:

Steamed wheat flour Modaks for all the diet freaks there


  1. Khova Modak:

Made from Mava (milk solids) this is a traditional twist to the original.

Image Source: You Tube
  1. Baklava Modak:

An Arab twist including ground pistachios will make you fall instantly in love.


  1. Gulab Jamun Modak:

Every sweet lovers dreams, let the picture do the talking

Image Source: http://www.finelychopped.net
  1. Chocolate Modak:

By far the most famous modification to this dish, Chocolates+Modaks =bliss!


  1. Kesar Modak:

These delicate saffron strands will surely tingle your taste buds:


  1. Fried Modak:

Hello calories, presenting the deep fried version of the original.


  1. Shrikhand Modak:

Modaks with Shrikhand infused is sure to raise some eyebrows.


  1. Motichoor Modak:

When 2 legends meet, here is the result.

Image Source: Sanjeev Kapoor
  1. Original Modak:

Stuffed with Jaggery and coconut, this is the original and is Ganeshji’s favourite.


In case you haven’t already stuffed yourself yet, the time is now. Here’s wishing everyone a Chaturthi as big as Lord Ganeshas appetite!

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