6 Essential Arabic Dishes With Their Indian Interpretations


Planning on travelling to an Arab or Levantine country  or just want to awaken the Sheikh in you by going to an Arabic restaurant, but not sure of what to eat? Have no fear, Little Blog is here. Arabic dishes are really simple and tasty at the same time. Here we are going to explain 6 essential, everyday Arabic dishes and their Indian counterparts:

  1. Falafel:

Prepared from mashed Vegetables, this quintessential Arabic snack can be related to Masala Vada / Dal Vada/ Chattambade in India. Less spicier though.


  1. Baba Ganoush:

Eggplant mixed with Tahini (sesame paste) and topped with Olive Oil, this dish has it cousin in India, he is popularly known as Baingan Ka Bhartha! Have this just like you have it India, with some warm Pita bread.


  1. Khubbus:

Most of you might already be knowing this but Khubbus and Naan are twin brothers that got separated at birth,  both prepared from Maida, Khubbus is as important as Naan in a Arabic meal. Do try the Cheese Naan. Foodgasm guaranteed.


  1. Shish Taouk / Jujeh Kabab:

Chicken Tikka without the ghastly red color and excessive spice will give you a feel of Shish Taouk (Jujeh Kabab in Israel). A mildly spiced and tender Kabab, must try!


  1. Majboos / Mandi:

Biryani lovers beware, Majboos/Mandi will take you on a new gastronomical trip. It’s amazing how a few spices added to rice make a big difference!


  1. Muhallabia

The most common dessert in every Arabic household, made from rice flour and rose water, this dessert is almost identical to Kheer.


So now that the alien dishes have become human, you can now breathe easy. Do let us know below if you have any similar comparisons in mind.

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