9 Tips To Flawlessly Throw The Most Epic House Party!


With the long weekend coming up, a house party should definitely be on the cards. Why waste money drinking at an expensive club, instead, call the crew home and paaaartaaaay!

Throwing a party can be great fun, but it can also be extremely tiring, not to mention stressful. Where is the Alcohol? Shoot, you forgot to pick up the food. Why isn’t the maid done yet? You still haven’t got the music set! Help, the peeps are on the way and you haven’t showered!

Peace, friends. The price of a great party doesn’t have to be your kidney! Here are 9 ways you can make epic party a piece of cake:

  1. Guest List:

This is one thing you want to be really clear about, avoid those who drink excessively (and puke! Ewww) be sure you don’t miss out on your best friends. Also, try and not invite those eve/adam teasers.


  1. Cooking is a big NO:

Unless you’re Martha Stewart, cooking at home should be seriously reconsidered. It does take a lot of time and effort and really tires you out. Best tip? Order Biryani, the cheapest party food that comes with a no mess guarantee. 1 kilo will cost you just around 1000 Rs. (That’s 1 Kilo meat+1 Kilo rice) and is enough for 7 people easily, considering they eat humanly.


  1. Kickass Theme:

Move over from the usual Black & White and childish crap, go for something unique like Gangster or Wild West which will definitely improve the oomph factor for your party!


  1. Cheap Alcohol:

A great way to cut down costs, many places have good offers of booze, do your  research before you buy or better yet, invite a friend who has a parent in the Army canteen, get the hint?


  1. Music Control:

You don’t need to hire a sound system or a DJ to get the job done. Strategic placement of your existing music system will do the job. You can also download the best EDM sets from youtube or SoundCloud so that you don’t have to waste time being a pretend DJ and changing songs.


  1. Bedrooms off limits:

If PDA turns you off (if it doesn’t, you have issues!) then make sure your bedrooms are locked and kept off limits. Keep the party to the common areas in order to keep raging hormones under control.


  1. Cleaning:

Make sure you have already booked a maid who will come and tidy the place up the next day unless you wanna get down and dirty…. NOT!


  1. Neighbors & Cops:

Don’t forget to inform your neighbors in advance so that they mentally prepare themselves for the craziness. Also don’t forget to turn the volume down after 10:30 PM unless you want cops to gate crash!


  1. Photographer:

The unsung hero, the photographer is a very essential part considering everyone is going to be drunk and click blurred photos. Invite one of those uber cools guys with a DSLR who has a XYZ photography page on FB and get your photos for free!


Well there you have it! Now that you have the guide to throw an epic party flawlessly, enjoy the long weekend and do thanks us later!

P.S: In case you’re lazy like most, click here for the best deals on parties!

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