10 Veg Restaurants To Try Out This Festive Season


The festive season is here and food should always be the highlight of every festival. Mumbai is a melting pot of cultures and everyone loves their share of vegetarian food and of course Mumbai boasts of the best in many aspects, food being one. Here is a list of must try veg restaurants this festive season:

  1. Kansar Kathiyawadi Thali Restaurant

This is a great place to taste all the flavors of Gujarat in one single plate. The food here is absolutely delicious and the variety here will leave you astounded. The staff here is very courteous and kind which is the cherry on top.


  1. Rajdhani

Rajdhani is famous for their Gujarati-Rajasthani cuisine, the Thali here is one of the best experiences you can cherish when craving for some delectable vegetarian food. The Dal Bhati Churma, Biscuit Roti, Jalebis etc are a class apart. The staff really do a great job by repeatedly tempting you to eat more.


  1. Panchavati Gaurav

Panchavati Gaurav is an amazing place to get really tasty food at great prices. The Thalis here are absolutely delicious. They’re loaded with so much variety that it will blow you away. The taste and service is never compromised on here.


  1. Puranmal

From Chaats to Pizza, Pasta and even North India delicacies, Puranmal has it all for vegetarians. A perfect place to visit with family anytime of the day, satisfaction guaranteed.


  1. Village

With village culture being the central theme here, they serve a host of amazing dishes that will definitely please your palette. The buffet spread is massive and will not disappoint you for sure.


  1. Little Italy

Perhaps India’s only Italian chain that is pure vegetarian. This joint will keep you coming back. The lasagna is a must try; do give the Mexican food a shot too. Lots of cheese used, who cares about calories!


  1. Chef Sisters Restaurant

The first look at the ambience or the decor may not interest you but the food is a different story altogether. The duo sisters run the show here and they do it perfectly well. The Red Velvet Smoothie is a master piece and the Nachos are out of this world!


  1. The Class Thalis

As the name goes, the Thalis here are truly class! There is a perfect amalgamation of Rajasthani and Gujarati cuisine, they also have meal boxes to go but we suggest you sit down to truly savor the meal.


  1. Annpurna

Thalis on your mind? Then Annpurna Is definitely where you should head to. A sumptuous variety that will leave your belly full but you’re heart will demand more. Beware not to waste food as it attracts a 10% penalty!


10. Nanumal Bhojraj

Fuss free food with tastes that are par excellence. They have a Pan India cuisine ranging from Basic Thalis to Advanced Thalis, take your pick!


Know of any other places that we should try out? Do let us know.

In the mean time, check out Little for unbelievable discounts at the above establishments!

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