5 Star Hotel Myths Exposed!


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For many of us just the sheer sight of a 5 star hotel gets us trembling and weak in the knees. It’s gonna be really expensive, they won’t let us in, I have not dressed well etc. are just few of the million thoughts that conquer our minds. You can now breathe easy as the times have now changed and they’re not like how they used to be before. Below we debunk the most horrendous myths about 5 Star Hotels:

  1. I’m not well dressed to enter:

This is one of the greatest myths, yes back in the day 5 Stars were all about Armani suits and tube tops but nowadays we have billionaires entering in flip flops and shorts! So just be yourself and wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and more importantly makes you feel yourself.

Some restaurants and clubs may have a dress code, do re confirm before you enter but be rest assured that entering a 5 star hotel needs no dress code!


  1. I need to arrive in a fancy vehicle:

What if I go in my Maruti 800? Will I be judged? Absolutely not! You will get the same respect whether it’s a 800 or a Ferrari! The 5 Star industry is all about making you feel like a king whichever walk of life you are from. I mean, I’ve been frequenting Marriott in a Rickshaw from the past one year and no one ever treated me bad!


  1. I need to tip everyone:

Tipping will definitely earn you some extra smiles but the level and intensity of service offered to all is absolutely the same, so if you don’t feel like tipping you don’t have to, but doing so will definitely earn you some extra brownie points!


  1. I have to use cutlery to eat:

Another myth that we have to use cutlery. We often see people eat Indian gravy with a fork & spoon and wonder how? 5 Stars have no rule book on how to eat, for example the legendary restaurant Dum Pukht in ITC hotels don’t give you cutlery, as in an Indian restaurant, using hands is a tradition but if you request for one you shall be provided with it.


  1. It’s going to be too expensive:

Oh no, bae wants to go to a 5 Star, time to sell a kidney, no wait, my liver will fetch more! You will be glad to know that dining in a 5 star won’t cost you a body part. Watch out for offers at your favorite 5 star hotels or better yet log on to Little and get a massive 5 Star experience starting from as less as 500 Rs/- (not kidding).


Heads held high, lets walk into the nearest 5 Star around us and show em who’s boss!


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