Know Your Stars

blog_hotelstars_lmh_08sept2016_v01-1The next time you stay at a hotel know exactly what you’re paying for with this simply put classification of hotels.

These are no frill hotels that are small and have independent ownership. These hotels offer basic bedding and a limited range of facilities. Some rooms may not even have an attatched bathroom. The interiors may not be of the best quality but they provide basic comfort. Hotels with one star usually have an informal arrangement.

Two Star hotels are usually between small to medium sized and offer facilities that are a step more than one star hotels. A welcome desk and a small staff presence contribute to the extra star status. The rooms are generally comfortable and facilitated with a private bathroom and other basic amenities. Breakfast is usally complimentary, in some cases the hotel may not have an in-house kitchen. These hotels are most suitable for people looking for safety within a limited budget.


Three Star hotels offer a much greater range and quality of services. A full fledged reception and lobby area will be available. The bathrooms will provide basic bath amenities. Besides room service, the room will be equipped with a telephone and TV. A restaurant that caters to both guests and outsiders will be provided. Three stars are generally preferred by business travellers who expect a quick and hassle free stay.

This is the entry level of premium hotels. A level of expectation is what a Four star caters to in terms of quality and quantity. Multiple restaurants, 24-hour room service, laundry service and better decor are some of the things you can expect at a four star. The bedrooms and common areas will be much bigger than their lower counterparts. The ratio of staff to guests will be much higher in these hotels.

A Five Star hotel or luxury hotel treats a guest with the most top notch luxury services. A private balcony, personal butlers, mini-bar amongst others are the superior facilities offered here. Immaculate service will be provided to guests with just the press of a button. Pool, gym, state-of-the-art spas, game rooms – you name it and the hotel provides. The service and decor of the hotel will be flawless. The F&B section is a separate entity of its own. The restaurants will be well-known and awarded with international and world class ratings. Comfort, elegance and opulence is what one can expect at a hotel with this rating.

There you have it! The next time you book a room, you’ll be better informed on the faciltites and services that you can expect from the hotel that you have chosen to stay at.

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