In Love with The Last Minute

1800x700_little-blog_header_love-with-last-minute_140916_v001For most of us, the entire process of booking a hotel room turns out to be a taxing experience, doesn’t it? That’s mostly because we are not sure of the dates or even the place that we are heading to for that matter until the very last minute.

In an age of what we call millennials, everything is available at the tap of a button. Heck, you can get just about anything booked or delivered from any remote corner of this planet ( maybe even outer space, who knows?) we call home. In a period where time is of the absolute essence and spontaneity takes the front seat, booking a hotel room should be the least of your worries.

A last minute hotel is not only an unexpected money saver but it also lets you keep your dates flexible and your travel budget in check.

When you book a hotel room in advance there is a possibility that you may not be able to go on the trip due to some change of plans or unforeseen circumstances. Instead of losing a ton of money (money doesn’t grow on trees. we know that ) on cancellations and early bookings, why not book last minute. Contrary to popular belief, last minute hotel booking not only lets you book fantastic hotels at the last minute but they are also available at rack rates or discounts even.

Even though hotel occupancy is going up, hotels tend to have empty rooms. Have you ever wondered about what hotels do with their unused rooms? Do you think that hoteliers just let them be? The answer is no. The problem with hotels is that they don’t want their high-paying customers to know. Hotels are always looking for ways to fill out the empty rooms at the last minute by using booking services that specialize in last minute hotels.

Hotels are willing to dump these empty rooms by offering them at bargain rates which is one of the industries best-kept secrets. We have to thank our business travellers for making this a trend that the rest of us can use for leisure travel. These services are a boon for those having to make spontaneous decisions without worrying about the financial consequences.

Are you ready to be a smart traveller? Last minute hotels are creating a revolution of their own and any smart traveler would know that this is the best way to save big on your travels. Why pay a bomb for a room when you can get the same room for a discounted price and that too at last minute!

Though last minute booking sounds unconventional, it helps to satisfy a demand that was left unaddressed. Who knows, maybe you can finally stay at a hotel you fancy without having to burn a hole in your pocket! Check out the best deals on your favourite hotels at LittleApp.


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