7 Unbelieveable Facts About Oktoberfest And #6 Is Shocking!


For most of you who are under the impression that the Oktober fest is supposed to happen in October, sorry to burst your bubble, it’s commences on 17th September all the way till 3rd October.

We’ve lined up some fun facts that we bet you didn’t know!

  1. Only 1 type of beer is available:

That’s right, in the entire fest you’ll find only Marzenbier (lager). In fact, other types of beer are banned from the fest. The Marzenbier is stronger than usual at 6% ABV and is only served in 1 litre mugs!


  1. Only Beers from Munich are allowed:

There are only 6 breweries in and around Munich who are allowed to participate, no others are allowed. The total quantity of beer sold is a whopping 1.8 million gallons!


  1. Massive crowd:

Each year the Oktober fest attracts around 7 million people on an average. Whoa!


  1. Entry charges:

The entry is absolutely FREE! That’s right, entry into any one of the 7 tents won’t cost you but you will be served a beer only after you’re seated. Each 1 liter mug will cost you around 10 Euros.


  1. Lost & Found:

Every year there are scores of items left behind. Last year that number was about 4000 items including more than 1000 passports, keys, dentures, an electronic wheelchair and even children!


  1. Most beer carried at once:

In 2008, waitress Anita Schwartz broke the record for most number of beer steins (mugs) carried at once. She carried 19 steins with a total combined weight of 45 kgs in her arms alone. And, she didn’t spill a single drop for 40 meters till the table.


  1. There’s an App too:

The official Oktoberfest app is a very widely used one. It’s very simple, users can input their height, weight and the amount of beers they drank to receive an estimate of their blood alcohol content and how long it will take them to sober up.


So what are you waiting for? Grab your Beers today! Need some help with that? Click here..


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