Rock Your Socks Off With These 7 Hard Rock Café Insiders!


Hard Rock Café – Just the name is enough to give goose bumps to any pub goer! Started by Tigrett & Morton, 2 shaggy haired Americans in London who wanted just one thing, a good ol’ American style burger. That led them to the starting of this American Style diner in 1971 at Hyde Park, London and today it’s massively spread out to around 200 locations across 68 countries.

Following are some facts about Hard Rock Café that will rock your socks off!

Added Bonus: With every fact, we will also show you pictures of Hard Rock Cafes across India

  1. The Initial Lease Was For 6 Months Only:

They had opened HRC in an old Rolls Royce dealership and the landlord had given them a lease only for 6 months as he thought it wouldn’t run longer than 6 months.

HRC Bengaluru:

Image result for hard rock cafe bangalore

  1. The 1st US Café

The first HRC in USA was opened only 11 years later in 1982 at Los Angeles.

Image Source:

HRC Pune:

Image result for hard rock cafe pune

  1. Over 80,000 Pins:

Wowzzzzaa, HRC has created over 80,000 commemorative pins in the past 46 years. HRC has commemorated everything ranging from public holidays to city landmarks and even waitresses!

An engineer from US travelled 1,000,000 kilometers and has collected nearly 5000 of them!

Image Source:

HRC Hyderabad:

Image result for hard rock cafe hyderabad

  1. The Oldest Waitress:

When she was being interviewed by Morton in ’71, Rita Gilligan told him, “I’m the best you’ll ever find, you better hire me!” thoroughly impressed with her attitude, he did. 46 years and countless burgers later, she’s still on their payroll though she’s retired, she still attends all their new café openings and promotional events.

Image Source:

HRC Delhi:

Image result for hard rock cafe delhi

  1. The Unplanned T-Shirts:

HRC had sponsored a local football team in 1973 and had the HRC logo on the team T-Shirts, there were quite a few left over and they were given off to regular customers who wore them around town. Many others saw this and it had become a rage. HRC was pouring with requests and they ultimately had to set up a T-Shirt counter.

Image Source:

HRC Mumbai (Worli):

Image result for hard rock cafe mumbai

  1. Not Just Cafes:

Apart from Cafes, the first Hard Rock Hotel & Casino was opened in 1995 at Las Vegas and now there are more than 23 hotels and 11 casinos worldwide. HRC also has Rock N’ Roll resorts with the first one set up in Bali, Indonesia.

Image Source:

HRC Gurgaon:

Image result for hard rock cafe gurgaon

  1. 80,000th Piece Of Memorablia:

In 2015, HRC acquired its 80,000th piece of memorabilia which is Elvis Presley’s 24 karat gold leaf piano which he had purchased in 1955 for his mother.


HRC Mumbai (Andheri):

Image result for hard rock cafe andheri


Each outlet of HRC is no less than a museum, so if you haven’t been to one yet, you’re missing out on a lot. Click here to find out about your nearest HRC!

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