10 Roti And Paratha Items That Define India!


It’s a no brainer that Roti /Parathas are an essential part of almost every Indian meal. And just out of the goodness of my kind heart, I feel like sharing with you the magical experience of eating steaming plates of what I perceive as the 10 best Roti / Parathas from around India.

  1. The Standard Breakfast Paratha

What beats waking up to a thick, layered paratha, smothered in ghee, served with a nice, tangy vegetable gravy, and washed down with homemade coffee that too served by your mother!


  1. Kerala Parota

This delicacy form God’s own Country has become super popular all over the country even abroad (especially in the Gulf, no pun intended). It’s consistency, which is crispy yet soft is perfect for any time of the day- breakfast, lunch or dinner. I’d recommend eating this with a soft, creamy chicken stew or Kadla curry for a burst of ecstasy in your mouth.


  1. Akki Roti

Made from rice flour, this dish from North Karnataka isn’t just wholesome, it’s also delicious. Find me a dish, any dish, which comprises of bottle gourd, channa dal and grated coconut, and still retains that scrrrrumptiousness.

Image Source: http://www.The3HungryMen.com


  1. Thepla

Many people have surely fainted hearing “Thepla”. Loved by Gujarati’s and basically everyone who has tried it even once. Don’t miss out on this Roti par excellence.


  1. Biscuit Roti

If you haven’t tried this crispy snack from the beautiful Konkan coast, you haven’t lived. You just cannot get enough of this crunchy, buttery dish. Best had with Masala chai, this deep fried, puffed out “roti” with a semolina filling should be the choice of dish for those of you who enjoy your snacks sweet with just a hint of spicy.

Image Source: http://www.KonkaniFoodRecipes.com
  1. Aloo Paratha

Somebody please give Punjab an award for inventing a dish so good, it makes me want to cry. I don’t know what it is about the dish; the soft, spicy potato stuffing or the combination of warm Paratha with cold dahi, but it is every level of awesome. Someone take me to Punjab. NOW!


  1. Missi Roti

Man, when I tried this dish for the first time, which was not too long ago, a huge wave of disappointment engulfed me, for the simple reason that it took me such a long time to find this lip-smacking, besan-based delicacy. Have this soulful dish with spicy Bhaaji and Dal Makhani, and trust me, you’ll be booking your tickets to Jaipur next.


  1. Dakhai Paratha

When I thought West Bengal was being unfair by making the best sweets, I thought wrong. They even make insanely delicious parathas. The Dhakai Paratha, made with wheat flour, sugar and ghee is a flaky, fried flatbread that I am grateful to.


  1. Kothu Parotta

Tamil Nadu should really start advocating their cuisine more that Rajnikanth and Tollywood. Don’t get me wrong. The Thalaiva is the boss, but have you tasted this dish? It’s a foodgasm for sure, you’ll go all over the place when you think about it. Basically, parotta, egg, chicken and salna (a spicy sauce) are thrown on a large Tava and minced and mixed repeatedly. The end result is so epic that I don’t think I can do it justice with my meagre words. A MUST TRY.

Image Source: http://www.relishthebite.com
  1. Puranpoli

One of the very few Roti like dishes made from Channa Dal, jaggery and other condiments. People in Maharashtra swear by this dish. Also known as Holige in Karnataka, this is a must try dish.


I think we can all unanimously agree on the fact that no meal is complete without a serving a Roti / Paratha, desserts aren’t spared either. Let us know what your favourite style of Roti/Parota is!



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  1. mouth watering, is any one treating me ? yum .. I need to try # 5 very soon ..


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