7 Not So Deadly (Alcohol) Sins!


The closest feeling to being in hell is a hangover. That unavoidable physical pain, bathed in shame after a night of reckless partying and shots. But, what if we told you that alcohol, in moderation, could actually be good for you? Don’t believe us? Let’s start with the lightest one.

  • BEER

Good news, beer lovers! Game night is now a legit reason not to go to the pesky doctor. Save on consultation fee and spend it on a crate?.

Not only does beer reduce the chances of kidney stones by 40%, but it also helps in treating insomnia because of its ingredients lactoflavin and nicotinic acid.

Hate veggies? That’s okay! Just drink a beer instead! Made with barley, hops and yeast, this not-so-PG13 drink aids in digestion because of the high fibre content.


  • WINE

Wine drinkers have a 34% lower mortality rate than other spirit drinkers.It also reduced the risk of heart attacks because of the tannins it contains.

Do we now agree that we were lied to in school? It should’ve been, ‘A glass of Golconda` a day keeps the doctor away” all along! Besides, what better way to up your sophistication quotient than holding a glass of that grapey goodness.


  • GIN

Probably the least favourite of the lot, gin actually has a quite a few health benefits. Before we start telling you how healthy this drink is, here’s a bribe. Gatsby always drank gin. Hah!

Best drunk with tonic water, this dignified combination is a must in any mosquito-infested area. Believe me or not (For those with trust issues, just Google it already) tonic water contains quinine, a drug used in the prevention of malaria. Planning a trip to the amazon? Keep hydrating with Bombay Sapphire and Schweppes, and thou shalt live.


  • RUM

The original pirate’s drink. For those of you, who haven’t watched Pirates of The Carribbean, here’s a spoiler: The pirates are immortal. Want to know why? Rum, my friends, RUM!

This drink is known to be a blood thinner, thus preventing a build up of cholesterol in your arteries. It also relieves muscle pain, and when consumed in small quantities, prevents osteoporosis (bone breakdown). So, here’s a suggestion for you after you’ve gluttonised your way through KFC. Run a mile, or till your muscles are sore. Then make yourself a good ol’ Old Monk and Coke, and voila! Your sins shall be broken down and you’ll have clean arteries again.



The Classy Drink. Golden fire on cold ice. Who isn’t immediately impressed when that one suave guy at your table orders one Jack Daniel’s on the rocks. Women swoon. The other men feel threatened. Waiters bow. But pride aside, there is a reason whiskey was called “Aqua Vitae” or “water of life” by the Greeks. Not only is it (literally and figuratively) an ice breaker, but it’s also said to boost one’s memory because of the anti-oxidants it contains. Having minimal sugar content, it is a Diabetic-friendly drink, which also reduced the chances of strokes.

Don’t like the taste? Have you forgotten about the sacred, Irish whiskey based, sensational Bailey’s?



Because we all know who actually texted your ex-girlfriend last night. It’s alright, bro. Blame it on the poor, fermented potato. Feel better? Stop giving this drink such bad publicity, women! The rule of the game is to stop at 3. Then, vodka will let you reap her benefits. I mean, look at James Bond. How else do you think he got that way, if not for all the martinis?

In small quantities, vodka is said to be stress buster. (But then again, when you lose control and down 10 of them, nobody can help you) It has a moderate local anaesthetic effect. Which means, that it cannot cure heartache, but it sure as hell can cure a toothache if you swish it around in your mouth a little.



No points for guessing everybody’s first thoughts with this one. SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!

Made from the Blue Agave Plant, Tequila is definitely a party starter. But too much of this, and you’ll have chunks of your memory from the previous night missing. However, when drunk slowly and in measured amounts, it apparently aids in symptomatically improving diseases of the colon like Crohn’s Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Since tequila tastes perfectly palatable even without a sugar-rich mixer, it’s the perfect drink for gym buffs! Two drinks down and you don’t have to worry about those added inches to your waistline.

Shots, anyone? (Please say no).


So, why quit drinking when you can be an adult about it and limit yourself? Hangovers are for irresponsible, shot-loving, expensive liquor-evading teenagers. You can start adulting by enjoying your drink for its texture, the way it gets a conversation flowing, and now, for its health benefits!

Feeling thirsty now? Get started here!

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