Bangalore’s Ultimate Activity Fix!


Weekend shenanigans struck you? Fear not,  we have the perfect fixes for the adventure seekers in you. For those of you in Bangalore already, darn you’re lucky! Here’s the list of must try activities to try out this weekend:

  1. Innovative Film City:

It is the land of entertainment that spreads across 50 acres in Ramnagara .Its main attractions include Louis Tussaud’s wax museum, Innovative roller skates, Ripley’s believe it or not, Mirror maze, Aqua city, Haunted Mansion and Dino Park. Innovative Film City is the perfect place to head to with friends and family.

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Entry Fee: 600 Rs. Click here to get them for 399/- Rs.

  1. PVR BluO:

PVR BluO the bowling alley has a whopping 27 lanes and is a great hangout spot for people of all ages Great tunes are played while one enjoys other arcade games and sports The restaurant serves alcohol and several cuisines at affordable prices Private lounges are present too.

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Cost: One game of Bowling & Pepsi: 400/- Rs. Click here to get it for 269/- Rs. only.

  1. Smaaash:

This place has a very unique feature to it – exotic arcade games. Yes, the pub is carnival themed with actual arcade games set up inside! The food is amazing too. Munch on some of their amazing range of starters while gaming away. The place is also kid friendly.

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Cost: 10 Arcade games with 3 course lunch: 1755/-. Click here to get it for 489/- Rs. only.

  1. Snow City:

Now, you don’t need to go to the Himalayans or the Swiss Alps to experience the numbing cold during a snowfall. Visit Snow City and climb a snowy mountain, amuse yourself with snow sliding, hurl snowballs at your friends and enjoy the snow.

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Entry Fee: 250/-Rs. Click here to get it for 199/- Rs. only.

  1. Talk To The Hand:

A Laser Tag Entertainment center for all age groups that uses electronic vests and phasers, Located at Jayanagar 4th block (next to Mc Donalds). There is laser battle drome, gaming consoles and a cafe to hang out and grab a bite. A must visit with all you buddies, de-stressing guaranteed!

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Cost: 1 Game of Laser Tag: 175/- Rs. Click here to get it for 125 Rs. only.

Now that your weekend is fixed, what are you waiting for? Head out there and have a blast, you can thank us later!

P.S: In case you have already done all of the above, Click here for more stuff to do!

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