The Ultimate DIY Shisha Guide!


Sheesha/Hookah/Narghille, whatever you may call it, you can’t deny the relaxation it gives you at the end of a tiring day. Smoking Shisha is one thing but what if we tell you that the everyday objects around you can be made in to a fully functional Shisha!

Enter DILO – Shishaking, the latest You Tube sensation who makes Shishas out of pratically anything and everything, we mean it, here have a look at the impossible:

  1. Shisha from fruits: 

What do you do if you have some left over fruit? Eat them right? but Dilo has a better idea:


2. Shisha from Jack Daniels:

Have a bottle of JD lying around and you don’t drink? Make a Shisha:


3. Shisa from a leftover Phone Box:

Your Samsung Note 7 just exploded but what do you do with the box? Make a Shisha!


4.  Shisha from a Toothpaste:

Have an extra tube of tooth paste lying around? Don’t brush your teeth, make a Shisha:


5.  Shisha from a can:

Found an empty can lying around? Add some flavour and light it up!


6. Shisha from a Burger:

Ordered an extra Cheeseburger but not hungry? Make a Shisha:


7.  Shisha from a vegetable:

Found some Leeks for cheap at the market today? Grab an extra one and make a Shisha:


8. Shisha from a PEN?

The most unbelievable of the lot. The Shisha is mightier than the PEN!


Now that most of your jaws are wide open, sit back and smoke some Shisha! Click here for the coolest Shisha deals around you!

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