6 Tips To Take Awesome Pictures For Your Social Media!


Why do we take pictures? Because pictures are capable of transporting you back in time. You don’t necessarily need expensive photographic equipment to capture that perfect shot. Phones these days are a perfectly acceptable replacement that not only let you take high-quality photos but also help avoid carrying bulky camera equipment. Whether you shoot with a DSLR, point, and shoot or phone camera, these tips will come in handy.


The best time to take photos is usually the golden hour. Finding out when the sun sets and rises in a particular place will better prepare you to take good photos. Shadow and light play a big role in how your photos turn out.


Lighting is Key

One thing to remember while taking a photo is to make sure the sun is always behind you while clicking  a picture. Another tip is to switch on flash during the day. This ensures that your subject is highlighted and to avoid a dark shadow. The last thing you need is your best picture to-date ruined because of bad lighting.


Clean your lens

DSLR or not, lens maintenance is something that you cannot look past (literally!). Regularly clean your lens with a lens cloth or just your regular t-shirt. This will give your photos that neat, spotless and polished effect.



This is the number one rule of good photos. Try to take photos from unusual angles. This not only gives the photo a completely different perspective but lets the world know how you see things. Try to capture moments in black and white. They add a sense of intimacy to the photo that colour photos sometimes miss.


Try avoiding filters

Try to avoid slapping numerous filters to your photos.  Photos that have not been played around with too much tend to be more liked or preferred. Try to capture the subject in the natural surrounding. A little brightness and saturation can go a long way in making your photo look better.


Use your sense of humour

Quirky, candid and completely unplanned photos make for the best memories most often than not. Just have fun with your photos and capture what your feeling. Telling a story through your photos makes it all the more personal.


There’s never such a thing as too many pictures on a holiday! Travelling to a new place and taking as many pictures with the possibility of never returning there maybe the only way to keep that memory alive. So pack up your bags and head out to where ever your hearts leads you and fill up that camera roll!

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