Meet Your Neighbourhood Friendly Little Doods!


Two important events are going to happen today, the release of M.S Dhoni and the release of The Little Doods!

The entire last month was really abuzz with the ongoing music auditions at the Little Headquarters in Bengaluru. We were visited by the best of the best right from Sylvester, Tweety to even Alvin & the Chipmunks who tried their best to be the brand ambassadors by show casing their musical expertise.

Then we chanced upon a group on bubbly purple folk who called themselves as Doods, they handed out a stellar performance and left us all baffled.

We were left with no choice but to select them and they are henceforth going to be called the “Little Doods”. They will regularly bring you the latest tunes as well as the latest deals. Below is an intro of the Doods, read on:

  1. Twang:


Twang has a thing with strings, born and raised to hippie parents; strings were a part and parcel of his existence. He started paying a guitar when he was only 3 months old and by the time he was 1 he was offered the role of lead guitarist by Led Zepplin.


  1. Pling:


The key to Pling’s success is literally his ability to make keys! There’s no keyboard he can’t fix and there’s no keyboard he won’t fix. This endless love for keys had let him in to the Royal Albert hall even before he knew it and is now one of the key members of the Little Doods.


  1. Gna Na:


Ironically, Twang & Pling don’t play their instruments in this band; they provide the backing vocals for Gna Na, the lead singer and song writer of the Doods. A true showman by nature and an entertainer by heart, Gna Na leaves no stone unturned to entertain you. His dervies inspiriration from Bob Marley, Boney M, Bono & Bappi-Da!


  1. Tom & Tomm:


Conjoined twins who were separated after birth, Tom & Tomm have always been considered as one unit. They specialise in backing vocals and have heavy experience in a cappella, beat boxing and even church choirs! Their vocal cords are the most appreciated when they’re not singing. They are also avid activists and their activism can be seen by the placards they hold most of the time.

Now that you have met the whole and soul of the Little Doods, watch their latest music video releases below. Do share the cuteness!


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