October Monsoon Breakaway

blog_coverbanner_lmh_27sept2016_v01Have the rains left you feeling down and under? Don’t fret! We’ve rounded out four places where the sun is always shining.


Colourful chaos is what the spiritual capital of India offers. Known as Kashi ( The city of life ), Varnasi is one the oldest inhabited cities in the world. You have to visit this popular Hindu Pilgrimage site to truly experience the reverbrating magical energy that runs through its unique ghats. Be sure to include the Night Pooja Ceremony which a sight worth seeing when you visit.



October is one of the best times to visit this mountain retreat. Spectacular views of the Kanchenjunga which is only the third highest peak in the world. Yes, thats right! The whole entire world. If that’s not enough, snow-capped mountains as your backdrop and glacial lakes make this place seem straight out a disney fairytale. Another cool activity that you cannot miss out are the yak safaris. You read that right! There’s a story you can show off to your friends and family. Schedule a visit to the Buddhist monasteries to enjoy some peace and quiet whilst listening to the coordinated prayer chants.



If you know what “J’aime le français” means, Pondicherry should be a must visit for you. This small coastal town is soaked up in all things French. Take a walk through the french quarter or visit the auroville ashram to indulge in some meditation. Not to miss out on the delectable french cuisines. We’re serious. Their croissants seem like they were flown straight out of a cafe in Paris. Cheap booze, yummy food and a laid back attitude is what this mini france is all about.



If you love James Bond, you know that scenes from the famous Octopussy were shot at the Lake Palace. India’s most romantic city is also known as the venice of the east. Boat rides similar to the gondola rides, narrow streets full of mystery and lake palaces that transport you to an unkonwn time, this historical and cultural capital of Rajasthan should not be missed. A shopper’s paradise, you can find a number of beautiful and intricately designed items for sale.


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