7 Best Places To Visit During Dussehra!

blog_coverbanner_lmh_7bestplaces_29sept2016_v01With Navaratri just around the corner, we’ve rounded out 7 places where you can fully experience this nine-day festival full of pomp and splendor.

1. Kolkata


The Durga Puja festival in Kolkata is one of the most looked forward to events in the country. The excitement begins a week before where the idols of goddess Durga are beautifully decorated and adorned with jewels and then taken in a procession around the city. The city is also famous for its Bengali sweets and snacks. That being said you simply cannot miss out on the festival special bhog. With a magnitude of devotees dancing around and sharing their joy and the city being completely lit with lanterns and lights, you just cannot miss out on this experience.

2. Ahmedabad


Gujarat on Navaratri brings only one thing to your mind. Garba and Dandiya. Hundreds of people flock to dance to some garba tunes with a lamp in their hand. The lamp represents feminism which is an ode to Goddess Durga. Dress up in the traditional chaniya choli and take part in the festivities and dance to sounds of the dandiya sticks. Apart from the dandiya night relish in some authentic Gujarati cuisine consisting of theplas, dhoklas, and khakras. Celebrating Navaratri in Gujarat with dance, music and food.

3. Mumbai


The city of Mumbai comes to life during these nine days. Men and women are colourfully dressed and participate in the festivities. Navaratri for Maharashtrians symbolises new beginnings. On the last day, that is Vijayadasami, huge idols of the ten-headed Ravana are burnt to the ground expressing the dawn of good.

4. Mysore


Nadahabba is how Navaratri is referred to in Karnataka. The most beautiful moment is the Mysore Palace illuminating with nearly 100,00 lights which are a visual treat. Elephants are taken on a procession along with various musicians and dancers performing on the streets. Navaratri in Karnataka is definitely a royal affair of sorts.

5. Delhi


Navaratri in Delhi celebrates Ram’s victory over Ravana. Ramlila is the main event. Grounds filled with Ravan, Kumbakaran, and Megnath idols being burnt to the ground is the main attraction. Fireworks along with colorful traditionally dressed devotees make it a sight to see.

6. Varanasi


One does not need a reason to visit Varanasi. This spiritual capital is the epitome of beauty during Navaratri. The ghats of Varanasi come to life with beautiful chants that reverberate throughout. The city is thronged by thousands of pilgrims who wish to be a part of this festively spiritual occasion.

7. Tamil Nadu


Navaratri in Tamilnadu is celebrated by worshipping the three goddesses – Durga, Saraswati, and Laxmi. The standout tradition is the ritual of keeping Kolu at one’s home. Staircases are decorated with small figurines made out of clay. People are then invited over in the evenings to engage in some devotional chanting or storytelling sessions. Colorful rangolis with deepams adorn the front of every household during this auspicious time. Visiting any of these places soon? Click Here!


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