This National Vodka Day, Discover Vodkas Worth 26 Crores!


Who ever knew that potatoes could actually save the world, at least for those of us who love potato juice! Yup, we are talking about Vodka! Today being National Vodka day we wish to show you some of world’s most un affordable vodkas which you can drink (in your dreams!).

  1. Billionaire Vodka – 26.25 Crores Only.

Pure Russian Vodka filtered over DIAMONDS hand crafted by Guess Verres, costs only 3.75 Million USD for a 5 litre bottle (better than 1 litre right?). At this rate, one sip will cost you a whopping 3750 USD (2,62,500 Rs. only).

Each bottle of Billionaire Vodka is hand delivered to the location of your choice. The means by which the world’s most desirable elixir will travel is entirely up to you. Your Billionaire Vodka purchase will be flown in via Billionaire Aviation or sail in via Billionaire Yachting and be chauffeured in the remaining distance to the location of your choice and arrive via white gloved secure armed courier and hand delivered to you personally.


  1. Russo Baltique Vodka –  9.1 Crores Only.

Made with a pure intention to charm the elite, the virgin bottle was presented to Prince Albert of Monaco for only 1.3 Million USD.


  1. Diva – Shetland Island Vodka – 7 Crores Only.

Diva Vodka is priced at a stunning 1 Million USD and is a wheat-based vodka that is triple distilled and ice-filtered through Nordic birch charcoal. The bottle contains a tube filled with crystals that can be used as a garnish.

The 48 crystals in each bottle include cubic zircona, smoky topaz, pink tourmaline, amethyst, citrine and peridot and the crystals in each bottle are hand-filled with each bottle having a unique combination of crystal


  1. Belver Bears Vodka – 5 Lakhs Only.

Manufactured by Belvedere – the vodka giants, this bottle shaped like an innocent teddy bear will set you back by a meagre 7200 USD (nothing compared to 3.7 Mil)

Designed by Jean-Roch using a jeroboam from Belvedere, this teddy is the cutest of the lot and is a must have!


  1. Oval – Swarovski Crystal Vodka – 5 Lakhs Only.

This opulent bottle of booze sits on a rotating LCD display allowing the 7000 Swarowski crystals to draw your attention aptly! Priced 1 Dollar for each crystal, it ain’t that bad right?


Lucky for us, we have Little, where we get humanly affordable booze for better prices!


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