6 Must Do’s During Durga Puja To Prove You’re A True Bengali!


  1. Take A Complete Break From Work/Studies:

That’s right, working or studying during this period should be considered a complete sin by you and the primary, secondary and tertiary motive is to just enjoy!


  1. Late Nights Are Usual:

6:00 PM is generally when you choose to set out as the Pandhal lights are on and they bring out the true beauty of the structures. Going to sleep early is nothing short of a crime!


  1. Eat – Sleep – Pandhal Hop – Repeat:

You can’t resist visiting multiple Pandhals and your ulterior motive is to finish visiting all the Pandhals by the end of 5 days.


  1. Waiting In Line For Bhog:

You are at your most patient form when you wait in line for Bhog because you know it’s definitely going to be worth the wait!


  1. Dancing To The Dhak Beats:

The true Bong dancer in you awakens as you hear the beats of the Dhak (drum) and obviously you can’t resist yourself from tapping your feet to the beats!


  1. Mishti Foodgasms:

Just the fragrance is enough to give you a foodgasm and you make it a point to go on a sugar rush by overdosing on Mishti.


We wish everyone a happy Durga Pujo and make sure you do the above 6 to prove your true Bong-ness. Don’t forget to share the love!

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