7 Ways To Keep Your Vacation Weight In Check

Ahh, the holidays! A good time to to kick back and relax. But wait! What about that extra weight you brought back as a souvenir. Surely most of us have fallen victim to the vacation weight gain. Here are 7 tips to minimise the damage done the next time you go on a vacation This way you dont have regrets once you get back home and can easily slip back into your normal routines. After all going on a vacation doesnt mean you need to indulge in unhealthy eating!

Walk, Walk and more Walk!


We all know that the best way to explore a new place is to slow down and just take a walk around that neighbourhood to fully enjoy the sights of the new place. Isnt that the whole point of a vacation anyway? Choose to walk wherever possible which not only keeps you active but who knows maybe lead you to an unplanned fun adventure.


One of the most primal things that most of us tend to forget is to drink enough water. Whether you are relaxing by the pool or taking part in some crazy vacation sport remember to always drink plenty of water. This not only keeps you hydrated but also helps avoid those unhealthy binges you have throughout the day. A pro tip is to carry a few energy bars to munch on.

Dont stress

Your perfectly planned day not going the way you want it to? Dont fret! Take chances with the unknown. You never know where spontaniety might take you, especially on a vacation. Hoidays are after all an escape from the responsilities of the real world. Stressing out while on a vacation contradicts the whole purpose of it. Cutting back on stress allows your adrenal glands to relax which in turn help you lose weight.

The gym is a real place

Yes, that’s right! Your hotel or resort gym is not there just for show! Make use of the gym facilities when ever you can. Even a simple 15 minute run on the treadmill will only do good to you. No gym where you’re staying? Don’t let that be an excuse. Do a simple 10 minute exercise in the comfort of your room or go on hikes or swimming or just ditching the elevator for the stairs can also work!

Try the local food

Use your vacation as an opportunity to enjoy some local flavour. Find out the best dishes available in that place instead of sticking to your usual fix of fast food. This is not only pointless but also unhealthy.

Control your portions


Sure, the breakfast buffet looks lip smacking! But do you really need to pile your plate with every single item available. Eat only until you feel full and not because its complimentary. Dont skip meals or over eat which tends to make you feel lazy to take on the day’s activites. Learn to enjoy and eat your meals slowly. After all, the dining table on a holiday is one of those rare places that brings the whole family together!

Snooze Fest!


Enough emphasis cannot be given on how important sleep is! Vacations are the only place where you can enjoy a stress free sleep. Make sure you feel well-rested and get enough shut eye to enjoy an active and relaxed holiday!

Follow through with these tips and you are sure to maintain or even reduce a few on your vacation! Now who wouldn’t want that?

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