10 Breakfasts That Define India!


A man should not even go to war without having a good breakfast is a very apt thing to say. Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day and India runs on a good breakfast! So when a foreigner asks, what do Indians eat for breakfast? We have gathered the best replies below:

  1. Aloo Paratha:

Almost the whole of North India swears by the Aloo Paratha goodness, potato stuffed in between a wheat roti and fried on a Tava. Don’t forget the butter, it just makes it better!


  1. Masala Dosa:

Perhaps one of India’s most loved breakfast dish. Mashed potatoes resting inside a rice pancake. This dish has been featured as one of the most loved dishes in the world by travelers. You just can’t hate a dosa!


  1. Poha:

One of the quintessential breakfasts in Maharashtra, throw in a Jalebi and you’ve got a favourite dish from Madhya Pradesh too.


  1. Mangalore Buns:

Though Mangalore is a small place, Buns are highly acclaimed. Don’t mistake it for bread, it basically is deep fried dough made from flour and over ripe bananas, tastes like heaven!


  1. Thepla:

Everyone from Modi ji to the Ambani’s can’t live without a Thepla, essentially a chapatti but the flavor and spices are a class apart!


  1. Puttu:

A cylindrical dish made from rice and coconut is what gets Keralites up and running. Have it with Kadla (chick peas) or chicken curry for an ultimate experience. A Mundu (Dhoti) will help adding to the experience too!


  1. Sattu Paratha:

Loved across West Bengal, Orissa and nearby states. Made from Bengal gram, Ajwain seeds and flour, one Sattu is enough to fill you till lunch time and beyond!


  1. Pitha:

Somewhat a cross between bread and dumplings stuffed with jaggery. This dish originated in Assam but is a popular breakfast dish across most North Eastern states. Dip it in hot tea for the best experience!


  1. Pongal:

What up Thambi? Apart from the humble Idli, Tamil Nadu loves Pongal, essentially made from rice and lentils, this dish is fit for a king!


  1. Cholle Bhature:

Speaking of kings, allow me to introduce you to King Kongs breakfast, a gravy of chick peas devoured with a monstrous Puri that will leave you rolling like a python (after eating a rat). Just another day in the life of a Punjabi! Buuuuuuraaaaah!


Have we missed out anything? Do let us know! Click here to have more of India’s best breakfasts!

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