Get To Know The Legends Of Coffee – Cafe Coffee Day!


Have you ever  wondered   what’s   brewing   behind   that   delightful   cuppa’?   Here are   some   insiders about   Café Coffee   Day   you   probably   didn’t   know;


  1. Not just in India:

CCD has got   more   than   a   1500   outlets   across   India,   the   Czech  Republic,   Austria,   Malaysia   and   Egypt.


  1. The first outlet:

The first   outlet   opened   on   July   11,   1996   at   Brigade   Road,   Bengaluru. (Café Coffee Day, Brigade Road, Bangalore)


  1. Average sales:

The   average   outlet   makes   over   12,000   rupees   in   sales every   day   and   the   company   has  an  annual   revenue   of   over   1300   crores!


  1. Everything is made in house:

Almost   everything   you   see   in   a   Café Coffee   Day,   from   the   machines used to brew  your   delicious   beverage   to   the   furniture   you   sit   on   is   made   by   Coffee  Day   itself


  1. Not just coffee:

The   company   also   operates   three   luxury   resorts   in Chikmaglur,   Kabini   and   Bandipur.


Hopefully you’re all set to grab a cuppa, as they say, a lot happens over coffee. Click here to grab the best deals at CCD.

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