Beyond Biryanis and Charminar: Hyderabad

Absolute must-visit places for the next time you are in Hyderabad!   Here are 9 places for you to visit on your next trip to the city of Pearls.


1. Jumme Raat ki Bazaar


Love all things antique? Go crazy at this bazaar famous for those beautiful and hard to find antique pieces at throwaway prices.

2. Laad Bazaar or Choodi bazaar


This one is for all those women who love their bangles! Laad Bazaar is your Disney land version of all things glittery and nice. This old market next to the Charminar also sells other pieces of jewelry, traditional khara dupattas and zardozi embroidered pieces all for an affordable rate.

3. Abids Street


From gadgets and electronic items in Jagadish Market to traditional Indian wear in Meena Bazaar ( not the market in Delhi ), Abid Street is a shopper haven. It sure is easy to get lost in the endless streets full of colorful shops.

4. Mozzam Jahi Market


This super popular market for fruits also sells flowers, sweets and wait for it, arms and ammo (really!). The market is famous for the traditional items that were popular during the Nizam’s era.

5. World’s largest IMAX screen


Catch a movie at the world’s largest 3D IMAX screen at Prasad’s multiplex. Now that is some next level movie watching and one that you can boast about too!

6. Ever seen a burger shaped car?


The Sudha Cars museum exhibits whacky cars in unimaginable shapes and sizes and that too in working condition! (Whaaat?) The museum is also home to the world’s largest tricycle. Definitely worth a visit.

7. Visit the famous Karachi bakery


A souvenir of sorts for anyone who visits the city. Choose from plain to assorted or fruit and nuts. How about some Irani chai to go along with it? A trip to Hyderabad is considered incomplete without a sip of this unique tea full of rejuvenating properties.

8. Snow in Hyderabad?


Visit what was until recently the biggest snow theme park in the world. Cascading snowfalls and other attractions make this a fun place to enjoy your evening.

9. Golconda Fort


Apart from the 360-degree view of the concrete city, catch the sound and light show that goes on every evening at the fort! Want another reason to visit this famous fort? The region is famous for producing some of the world’s famous diamonds like Kohinoor diamond. Bring out those diamond detectors!

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