10 Weirdest Things Eaten By Man And #9 Actually Has A Human Body Part In It!


There are a ton of weird things that are eaten by fellow men. Warning, this article contains content that may cause your stomach to protest. Let’s dive right into the action.

  1. Ashes

Twenty-Six year old Casie was widowed when her husband passed away due to a severe asthma attack. While transferring her husband’s ashes from a cardboard box to a memorial urn she accidently spilt some of the ashes onto the floor. Not wanting to sweep away the ashes, she licked it instead which triggered her strange addiction. Within two months she had consumed about one pound of the ashes! She describes the taste as a combination of rotten eggs and sand.

  1. Odori Don

Served predominantly in Japan and Korea, If you don’t like live squid or octopus in your sauce, it’s’ not for you. The appeal is apparently in the thrashing of it’s tentacles in the mouth rather than it’s bland taste. Remember to floss after.

  1. Casu Marzu

Love cheese? Me too. This cheese made in mexico isn’t ready to be consumed unless it’s crawling with maggots. Who wouldn’t want maggots with their cheese? Right? RIGHT?

  1. Fruit Bat Soup

Can’t decide what soup to have? Meat? No meat? Fret not, Fruit bat soup has you covered. Enjoy your delicious broth with a FULL fruit bat. It is eaten whole along with it’s fur! The bat before ending up in a soup bowl ingests a whole lot of plants that will kill you or at the least gift you with Parkinson’s.

  1. Drinking Blood

A mother of 2, Julia Caples of Pennsylvania has been addicted to drinking blood for over 30 years, consuming nearly two litres a month. This bizarre addiction stems from her fascination for vampires since a young age even having a vampire themed marriage with her ex-husband. She says drinking blood makes her feel strong, young and healthy.

  1. Bricks

Patrice Benjamin-Ramgoolam of London began chipping away at her wall when she was 18 to eat the bricks! At 28 she was reportedly eating up to six tablespoons of brick a day and has been diagnosed with Pica, which is a craving for things which aren’t well, food. She apparently loves the earthy taste and the addiction began consuming her when she began chipping at the walls of her family and friends during visits. Whoa, that must’ve been awkward.

  1. Tong Zi Dan

Lovingly called “Virgin boy’s eggs,” Why you ask? I’ll tell you! Because this dish served in China, is boiled in young men’s urine. Yup, you read that right! Young men’s URINE.

  1. Drinking Nail Polish

Bottoms up? Err not quite. Bertha began drinking nail polish when she was 18. Her craving increases during stress and she consumes up to 5 bottles a day! That leaves me to wonder if she’s left with enough to paint her nails.

  1. Severed Human Toe Cocktail

We all love a good cocktail. Especially one with a severed toe in it. The digits are drained of their fluids and then pickled. The chances of dying from this are slim unless of course you choke at the sight of a toe in your damn drink!

  1. Blood Clams

These damn clams have an excessive amount of haemoglobin in them that makes them so bloody that it might as well be in a Tarantino movie. There’s just no way to crack this thing without bathing your hands in BLOOD.

When everything is said and done, we need to remember “To each his own”. What is disturbing and disgusting to you maybe a delicacy to someone else. So please do everybody a favour and don’t judge people on the basis of what they eat.

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