14 Egg-citing Dishes To Try Out This World Egg Day!


Eggs have been a valuable foodstuff since prehistory, and this manna from heaven can be consumed in a variety of interesting and fun ways devised for egg lovers by egg lovers who can’t get enough of it. This world egg day, Little brings to you 14 eggciting variants of eggs you have to try out!

  1. Scrambled eggs

A staple breakfast dish common in many households, it is made from egg whites and yolks stirred or beaten together with other variable ingredients, while gently heated in a pan.


  1. Soft-Boiled/Poached eggs

The perfect soft-boiled egg is characterised by fully cooked whites and a warm, runny yolk. A common ingredient in dishes like Eggs Benedict and Eggs Florentine,the soft-boiled egg can also be used to dip your toast sticks in the drippy yolk, or to top off a salad.


  1. Egg Salad

A well-loved member of the heritage of salads and ranked highly among its various siblings (chicken salad, tuna salad, crab salad etc.). The egg salad is often used as a sandwich filling and commonly comprises of chopped hard-boiled eggs, mayonnaise, mustard, diced onion, and a blend of herbs and spices.


  1. Steamed eggs

Alternatively known as water eggs, a dish native to China and Korea, made by beating the egg to an omelette-like consistency and then steamed. Best enjoyed with soy sauce and other ingredients like mushrooms or crab meat can also be added to the mixture.


  1. Omelette

Originating in France and popular as a dish made from beaten eggs fried with butter or oil in a pan. Omelettes can also be folded around fillings like cheese, stir-fired vegetables or other meat, like bacon.


  1. Sunny Side Up

The sunny side up, also known as the fried egg, is a cooked dish made using a fresh egg, fried whole, often only salt and black pepper, with a set egg white and a liquid yolk. Many regional adaptations of this dish exist, like in Germany, where cooks break the yolk and distribute it across the surface of the white during frying, or in Egypt, where the egg is served with accompaniments like slow-cooked fava beans.


  1. Egg Soup

Another egg dish native to China, the eggs are beaten and cooked with chicken broth mixed with herbs and condiments. The soup is topped with a thin stream of beaten eggs added to the boiling broth, creating silken strands of cooked egg floating in the soup.


  1. Devilled eggs

Also known as eggs mimosa or dressed eggs, they are hard-boiled eggs, cut in half, with the whites filled with the egg yolk mixed with ingredients like mayonnaise or mustard. Usually served cold and as an appetizer or even as part of the main course, they are a common party/picnic food.


  1. Tea eggs

A Chinese savoury snack, commonly created by cracking a boiled egg and boiling it again in tea, sauce and other spices. It is also known as marble egg because of the patterns created on the egg due to the cracks in the shell.


  1. Baked eggs

A healthy blend of eggs and bread with minimal use of oil or butter, this recipe is simple and easy to follow. Just crack eggs into a cupcake or muffin mould, mix in some vegetables and milk, and bake until whites are set and the yolk is runny.


  1. Eggnog

Historically known as egg milk punch, it is traditionally consumed by Americans from Thanksgiving to the end of the Christmas season. This rich, sweetened beverage is created with milk, whipped eggs (for the frothy texture) and spirits like brandy, bourbon or rum. It can also be blended with other food like coffee or ice-cream.


  1. Frittata

Originating in Italy, the frittata is similar to an omelette or a quiche, with added ingredients like meat, pasta or cheese. Instead of being laid in the omelette after it is cooked, these ingredients are mixed in the batter while the egg is still raw and this mixture is cooked on both sides.


  1. Shakshouka

No Israeli meal is complete without a serving of Shakshouka, it’s a simple yet flavourful preparation of eggs poached and cooked further in a sauce of tomatoes, chilly, peppers and much more. Available pretty much worldwide, don’t miss out on this dish.


  1. Egg Curry

Last but certainly not the least, the Indianised version of using eggs in a richly seasoned and spicy curry, this dish is a favourite among both meat lovers and eggetarians. The curry is usually thickened with the help of yoghurt or hung curd, which the eggs can range from devilled, hard-boiled to even baked or scrambled.


All these dishes are a must try for all egg lovers looking for interesting ways to spice up their eggs. So keep calm and enjoy your eggs!



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