6 reasons we all love staying in a hotel! #2 is our personal favorite.

1. Room Service

Ah! Good old room service! Never having to clean up after yourself? Sign us up please! Aren’t magically clean rooms something we all live for?!


2. Endless breakfast buffets

Waking up in the mornings is something all of us dread! But not when you’re staying in a hotel with UNLIMITED and sometimes FREE breakfast buffets. Two words that are a rarity these days. From croissants and pancakes to crispy dosas who wouldn’t want to wake up to this. Dive into the day with full energy.

3. Privacy

Nobody to bother you unless you want them to. Just having the liberty to be ourselves and do our own thing is something all of us look forward to.


4. Like a boss

Staying at a hotel somehow always makes us feel super privileged and maybe even a little bratty. Bell boys to carry your luggage, room service, and laundry, all taken care of. Don’t we all long to enjoy the pampering even if it is just for a day!

5. Escape reality

With an abundance of in-house entertainment to choose from, there’s never a dull moment. Swimming pool, gym or the spa? Or you could just catch up on some zzz… What are you in the mood for?

6. Unlimited cable

The mother of all things unlimited! Free, unlimited cable! Those endless channels to flip through from the comfort of your room with no hurry to go anywhere. Order in some munchies and maybe throw in a glass of wine and we’re set for our much-deserved getaway.

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