5 Buffets In Bangalore You Haven’t Tried Yet!


Long gone are the days when gluttony was a sin, for if it still was one, buffets would be venue for the devil’s worship. What soul, mortal or immortal, dare call that occasional mid-week binge, the splurge on junk food and death-by-chocolate sundae or the YOLO decision to order one more pizza, sinful? One of the most satisfying things about a buffet, apart from complete value for money, is that the sheer variety satiates not just the stomach but the mind and the soul. Here is a list of buffets for the mind, body and soul that you cannot miss on a visit to Namma Bengaluru.

The first thing one would notice about this place is the “Mandi” or market setting as the buffet is served on vendor carts. Solely dedicated to buffets, one of the most special features about Mandi is that it offers North Indian, Chinese, Continental etc. cuisines in a pure vegetarian form. The live chaat and pasta counters add to the extensive list of served appetisers, main course, breads, salads and desserts. This is a must try if you are looking for an all-inclusive buffet with a variety of cuisines.


  • Barbeque Nation

A Grill lovers paradise, Barbeque Nation outlets all over India promise to spoil their customers for choice, treat them to exquisite grills and appetisers and offer excessive amounts of food to the point where they cannot consume any more, for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. Though priced slightly on the higher end, it gives complete value for your money with its variety as well as unlimited appetisers, and with the live grills you can witness your food being cooked first hand. Visit any outlet within or outside Bangalore and you won’t regret it (and possibly be full enough not to be able to eat for quite a while afterwards, but we’ll count that as a pro)


When you first walk into village, the ambience will set your mood for the meal. Set up like a large village fair, it includes stalls such as chaiwalla (tea vendor), paanwalla (paan vendor) etc. It offers a combination of various cuisines, started off by desi chaats, followed by a combination of Punjabi, Gujarati and Chinese fare and dessert. The charm of the ambience greatly influences the service and the meal, and it often features very village-like experiences such as garba, bhangra, musical chairs, puppet shows, etc. add to the experience. It is ideal for a family celebration and for entertaining children.


  • Black pearl

Ahoy there! Black Pearl first made waves among Bangalore food lovers when news about it being designed as a pirate ship spread. One of the most uniquely designed restaurants in Bangalore, you will not be able to stop yourself from raving about the live BBQ counters, rare meats at the meat counter and dessert variations once you try the buffet. It is perfectly suited for a Friday night hangout with friends, music, grills, drinks and selfies.


  • Zaica

Easy on the pocket in terms of the buffet, Zaica in Bangalore offers both buffet and a-la-carte options. One of the only wine and dine restaurants in the area, much to the relief of the locals, it serves mainly North Indian. It is perfect for a corporate lunch with a large number of people or a birthday party as the service for large orders is highly recommended.


Buffets are a great way to literally bring the world on a platter, the more variety the better. Check out these hand-picked outlets in Bengaluru for a scrumptious meal that will give you a food hangover for sure. Click here for the best buffet deals in Bangalore.

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