4 Buffets In Mumbai You Haven’t Tried Yet!


The classic situation. Everyone’s in the car. “Where do you wanna eat?”

“I don’t know. What about you?”

*Three rounds of I don’t know later*

“I was thinking Punjabi.”

“I was hoping South Indian food… ”

Well, why not get the best of all a place has to offer? A buffet, of course.

Here’s a handy guide to the best gems in buffet land tucked away all over Mumbai city.

Mini Punjab’s Lakeside restaurant, Powai

Mini Punjab’s Lakeside restaurant, Powai stands for authentic Punjabi food. It’s USP includes tandoori items like kababs and tikkas (special mention to the mushroom) but the vast range of appetisers and family favourite main course options make it a super hit. Combine the fresh, vibrant food with banquet halls and you have a guaranteed party favourite. And one that’s easy on the pocket too. A guaranteed repeat.


Bay view Restaurant, Chuch Gate

Bayview Restaurant, Churchgate, serves up a true blue South Mumbai experience with its elegant ambience and breathtaking view of Marine Drive. The iconic view goes hand in hand with this iconic restaurant. It makes sure to have something for everyone with its crazy good non-veg spread, Jain choices and even salads and soups for those weight watchers. A delectable list of desserts and servers just as sweet complete the carefully thought out buffet menu.



Saptami doesn’t just have a unique name. It’s approach to Rajasthani cuisine in all its opulence and colour is just as singular. Dal bhaatichurma and safedmaas make it it an experience in itself for Sunday brunch at the Holiday Inn. It’s the ideal fusion of luxury dining with affordable variety. with its Sunday Brunches and reasonable buffet spread, high end ambience, variety and luxurious feel for a fraction of the usual cost. Live counters churn out top class chaat and dosas on a regular basis but food festivals make it an excellent choice for a once in a while indulgence too!


Something Fishy

Something’s fishy? The pun is great, yeah, but what’s greater is the seafood the place has on offer. Kerala Appams and Mangalore Neerdosas with King prawns and perfectly cooked crab curry, you name it, they’ve got it. The buffet keeps people excited for veg biryani (and no, it isn’t just pulao) and a killer counter for the ones with a sweet tooth. A personal recommendation is the Sol Kadhi. All you can eat in a spacey and modern ambience and friendly staff. Perfecto!


So now you know where to find the best buffets and take food pics worthy of Instagram without selling your kidneys or going home and eating a packet of Maggi cuz you’re still hungry. Click here for the best buffet deals in aamchi Mumbai!


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