5 Buffets In Delhi And Gurgaon You Haven’t Tried Yet!


Buffets are satisfying, wholesome and let’s face it- one of those places where you can hold eating contests, without it costing you a fortune. Buffets help you re connect not only with your friends, families and colleagues, but also with your inner foodie self, who loves to be presented with a variety of food, fit for a king. The treatment you receive at the right buffet is commendable. Finding a perfect buffet can prove to be challenging, here is a list of the city’s must try buffet spreads with a well rounded list of attributes (roof tops, live music, personal grills, to name a few) that serve the most delicious of delicacies of a wide range of cuisines.

1) The Barbeque Company
Known for paneer and chicken of the finest quality and the edgy dishes like fish Kurkure and Punjabi wings, The Barbeque Company is one of Delhi’s most popular Buffet spreads. The place also holds a full bar, with reasonably priced cocktails and spirits. The Barbeque company is also known for its courteous staff who throw in little complementary treats, the cherry on top is the live music. The place also has live sport screenings.


2) Fresc Co
If you’re craving Italian or Mediterranean food, in general, Fresc Co is the place to be. The Bouillabaisse, a French speciality is served here, and it is as authentic as it gets. The place also serves duck salad and “The Greek God Cheesy Lamb Burger”, which is of lamb Patty, with bull’s eye, tomatoes, bacon, onion and Feta cheese. Pizzialo Brushetta, Chicken balls with corn pilaf, Hungarian Lamb Goulash, et Cetera are all in popular demand. The place has a  beautifully white interior with butterfly fans and delicate flowers to go with it. The elegant ambiance adds to the Mediterranean theme.


3) Citrus Café- Lemon Tree
Citrus Café is famous among the night owls for its late night dining option. They serve Continental as well as North Indian food, and at a reasonable price. Located really close to the airport, with its colourful interiors, lively ambiance and a pool, the buffet could really cheer you up when you have long hours of lay over.


4) Uforia- The Craft Brewery
With a prime location in NCR, which is slowly turning into the city’s centre for breweries, the place has an exhaustive number of items on the buffet. The cottage cheese steak and the fungi ripieni and the Godzilla chicken are worth a try. The brewery offers a unique variety of beer cocktails- the Uforia red eye and several home made beers such as the Red Lager, Wheat Beer and even beer with the Scotch Malt!


5) The Ancient Barbeque

The place is popular for its personal live grill (on the table grill) and authentic North Indian and continental delicacies. The pineapple barbecue seasoned with fiery South Indian spices that tickle your taste buds in all the right places is not to be missed. The place also offers classic paneer and chicken starters, garlic prawn, crispy corn, dimsum and the lip smacking chocolate mud pie. The place is also reasonably priced, and offers live music.

We hope this list will help you single out your choice for lunch, when you find yourself with a hungry bunch of friends. So where are you heading out to the next big meal? Bon appetite! Don’f forget to click here for the best buffet deals in Delhi & Gurgaon.

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