5 Buffets In Hyderabad You Haven’t Tried Yet!


You’re in Hyderabad.
Touristy picture of the Charminar? Check. Salarjung museum geeking out? Check.
Black pearl jewellery set? Check and check. What’s missing? Biryani, of course, miyaa! And so much more.
Here’s a handy guide to the absolute must try buffets in the city of pearls

The Banana Leaf

The Banana Leaf in Gachibowli is the place to go if you’re looking to cash in on some spectacular food while staying in your budget. They don’t let that come in the way of their service, their egg curry or their divine Apollo fish starters either! A place doesn’t stay as full as that without tickling tastebuds with every spoon, you know? Their excellent staff make service almost seamless as they keep up with their well-earned rush hour crowds. The thoughtfully structured buffet has drinks, appetisers, mains and desserts in equal variety for vegetarians (the kaju paneer butter masala is famous) and non-vegetarians (the mutton has quite the reputation!) This buffet is an all-time favourite for corporate meetings and luncheons and with good reason, of course.


Viva, by Taj Vivanta is as stylised,elegant and opulently classy as one would expect it to be. Hyderabad has become a palette of palates and if anyone has kept up and stayed ahead, it is Viva. They have managed to not only cater to the seafood lovers who have come in to the city but also managed to infuse seafood with some of the original Hyderabadi essence making their weekly seafood buffet a runaway hit. Their exquisite desserts are both culinary and Instagram worthy masterpieces. The regal ambience, hospitable staff and iconic Sunday brunch have upheld the legacy of the Taj hotels with all the panache and finesse one would expect. The perfect spot for some luxurious dining, for the connoisseur in you.


36 Chattees

36 Chattees BBQ is the perfect place for a chilled out dinner with friends with its affordable alcohol, outdoor seating and par excellence tandoori spread. The chicken bbq and the chocolate tarte claim their spots as the must try dishes of this buffet but the others are scrumptious too. Vegetarians needn’t worry that the “barbecue” will leave them picking at salad either – they should head to the bbq counter and ask for the grilled pineapple or mushroom, both known for being addictive! A la carte orders are given just as much importance because people come looking for some of their fiery dishes. Can you take the heat? Try it out this Friday and find out!


B&W Restaurant

B&W restaurant is a name to be reckoned with. It has been around for years and for a reason! Their delicious Pan Asian and continental food draws in the numbers! The quirky interiors serve only to highlight the fascinating take on food that they have adopted with their live counters for meat,pasta, dosas and even *drumroll* faloodas! All this at such pocket friendly rates, it is easy to see why they’re as popular as they are. The kiwi ice-cream, salaan and their brilliantly affordable breakfast buffet are the three big highlights of this iconic buffet.



Sizzling Grillz

Sizzling grillz boasts of not just Indian and continental cuisine, a great spread and buffet menus to kill for but also their house special –chilly eggs and meatballs that are quite literally, the talk of town. You cannot talk of Hyderabad eateries and miss hearing this name! Their paneer sizzlers come a close second. They make sure they make their food fresh and keep it just hot enough to eat making each helping seem like the first, a refreshing change from the usual buffet that has food waiting for hours to be eaten. Their welcome mocktails are a brilliant start to their delicious (and seemingly never ending!) spread making them synonymous with the words ‘lunch buffet’ in that part of town. The interiors are done tastefully and differently, making the restaurant a class apart. (Don’t forget to try the meatballs!)


And there you have it – a sorted itinerary for where to find the greatest buffets in Hyderabad (with special recommendations too!) Enjoy your meals on your next trip there and after you visit Paradise Biryani, change it up a bit too! Bon appetite! Don’f forget to click here for the best buffet deals in Hyderabad!

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